Thursday Potpourri

Where do you begin these days?….So much happening….and so little time….

Some pieces I found interesting this morning….






Hot Air exposes the myth of the ‘Powerless Presidency‘……more true than ever, considering the current occupier of the White House!





The clueless idiots at the United Nations Human Rights Council decide it would be fitting to pay tribute to Hugo Chavez….I mean, WTF?!!!!






The North Koreans are having a temper tantrum….AGAIN!….





And finally….United Airlines decides to remove a passenger…because he took a PICTURE on board!!!…Apparently, a little known ‘no-no’ in our “all news, all the time”, “24-7” , “record EVERYTHING” world!

What’s the matter with you people out there?….Don’t you realize idiocy is considered a positive trait in today’s world?!! Get with the program!!!





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