The National Distraction


Initially, I told myself, “this is a tough one…”..But, now that I think about it, it really isn’t. I’m referring to the latest media frenzy and hysteria concerning whether two homosexuals can be legally married. As a gay man, I must confess, it will have no bearing whatsoever on me. Sadly, I’m fortunate to get a date, much less having a man ask me to marry him. But, that’s another story….

I don’t know much about the legal ramifications and benefits associated with marriage. But, it seems if two people want to marry each other, more power to them. It really is just that simple. When it comes to “official” recognition of that marriage, I do have concerns about the federal government becoming involved in its validation. I realize, again, there are tax concerns, wills, powers of attorney, benefits, etc. I guess what I’m asking, “is there federal validation of marriage between a man and a woman?” I suppose in many respects there is.

Conversely, I don’t see ANY effect at all on the lives of heterosexual Americans by the marriage between those two gay guys across the street or the two lesbians down the block. I mean, who cares? If gay couples are married, they will be subject to every guideline imposed upon heterosexual married couples. Of course, I’m referring to divorce, separation, and the like. It’s all part of the package.

Now we have the Supreme Court involved. You knew it would come to that. Plus, you KNOW Barack Obama is reveling in the entire national preoccupation with the matter! It diverts attention away from him as the media goes overboard in every single aspect of the case. Not to mention the fact that as long as there’s a sense of national discourse, no matter WHAT the issue, Barack Obama is happy! An unsettled, divided nation is Mr. Obama’s best chance for political capital.

"Hey! if I can score some points with the 'mos, I'm cool with that!...A vote's a vote!"

“Hey! if I can score some points with the ‘mos, I’m cool with that!…A vote’s a vote!”

That brings me to the other politicians who’ve decided it’s in THEIR best interest to publicly support gay marriage. Do I believe the sincerity? NO WAY! NO HOW! When it comes down to it, they will throw their “support” behind WHATEVER the position they determine rewards them with the most points. They lack the guts to be true to their beliefs. I’m talking to YOU, Hillary Clinton, Rob Portman, Claire McCaskill! You’d sell your mother down the river if you thought there was something to be gained from it!

So…we wait…until June, I suppose. With the way the court ruled on Obamacare, there’s no telling how this might turn out. They could refuse to offer a ruling. That would leave the matter up to …who, exactly?….I guess we’ll find out.

In the meantime, we’re still mired in a struggling economy and an unstable world. And we’re STILL saddled with spineless and gutless elected individuals whose self serving needs take top priority. THAT should be a serious concern for every single American…gay, straight…or anywhere in between!


2 thoughts on “The National Distraction

  1. Exactly! President Obama is more than happy to have the nation talking about same sex marriage, gun rights, or anything to distract from his pathetic failure on the economy or the looming disaster of Obamacare, both of which impact EVERY American, no matter who you sleep with or marry.

    • Whatever it takes!…His administration thrives on discourse, uncertainty, and controversy! As long as the national discussion isn’t about what a DISASTER he is, it’s to his advantage! He’s a master at it!

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