Where We Are….Where are we going?



As I’ve taken a look at the headlines, it struck me that President Obama and the Democrats are to be congratulated. Of course, not to credit their talents too much, it should be pointed out the idiotic Republicans have done what they always do so well. Allowed the rules of the game and the object of the game to be defined by the Democrats. The Republicans are just there hoping to score a point or two while dodging the usual rhetoric, blame, and barbs thrown at them from Mr. Obama and his party.

Gay marriage, immigration, the budget….all matters of conflict and little if any resolution. The Democrats have succeeded in turning the first two into issues that you would think define the very character of the nation to the exclusion of everything else! Along with the media, each of the two issues have been characterized as the ONLY thing that matters to the American public! Along with that notion comes the utter and complete ruthless and scathing condemnation for ANYONE that dares to question the true motives of those who endeavor in advancing the issues.

As for the budget, well…the only concern of Mr. Obama and the Democrats is how they can mine the national mood for any potential flash points of suffering due to sequestration. It doesn’t matter that the federal government will actually spend MORE money than it did the year before! The mind boggling and foolishness that defines government accounting wins out every time! And the Republicans meekly play along while they’re completely immersed in faux soul searching. One piece of advice for the party: you can forget about a makeover of your perception by the increasing number of moronic voters we have out there! Your image is forever tainted in their minds! That game is lost! Nothing..and I do mean NOTHING…you can say or do will win any converts on election day! So suck it up! It’s time to convince who you can, it’s best to focus on getting this economy moving…if that will ever be possible again. With a populace whose attention span is relatively no more than a micro second, that won’t be easy.

Mr. Obama and his allies have managed to establish a continually growing base whose primary common trait is their lack of common sense. That is the nation now. I question whether that will ever change. It’s frustrating to see pride…pride in home…pride in work…diminished and discounted so much as it has under this President. He has managed to humiliate success and hard work. He has traded that notion for the monstrosity of a government managed economy that promises no more than it has to to those stupid enough to believe. Government hand outs require little if any accountability, as a record number of Americans are on food stamps or “disability”. It has reached the point where sound decision making has been cheapened by idiocy. And you can thank THIS administration for continuing to foster that notion!

In the meantime, President Obama maintains his distance…and his campaigning. An accurate description would be that Barack Obama is the first President who was never actually President. He is a false leader. He is a figurehead who maintains his power through lack of commitment and lack of integrity. He has managed to lend no more than lip service to ANYTHING while capitalizing on his unique place in history. He does not serve the American people. He prefers to serve himself while defending that with aloof, empty promises. And, yet, the people believe. Our years under Mr. Obama will likely be referred to as a time of division and lies perpetrated by a celebrity seeking President. The future will look back upon it as a truly sad, desperate time in American history.


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