Many years ago, my fascination with commercial aviation began peering through a chain link fence or taking in the thrill on an open observation deck. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama there were not a lot of opportunities to travel by air. But, when I did, it was really something special!

Today is an amazing day for Mobile, the state of Alabama, and the Gulf coast region. Airbus breaks ground on a huge assembly plant at the Brookley aerospace complex. This is a first for Airbus in North America. And the fact that they chose my hometown as the site of this venture holds a special place in my heart!

The region welcomes this player on the global aviation stage with much anticipation and excitement. And let’s face it, with the national economy being what it is, this sort of endeavor isn’t happening much around the country!

Airbus will be assembling the A320 line of aircraft in Mobile as part of their expanding market in the Americas. Strategically, it’s a good fit. The Gulf coast region is centrally located for serving both North and South America and it will no doubt prove an asset for Airbus.

The groundbreaking takes place at 10:00am CDT and can be viewed HERE.

I’m sure I speak for many along the coast in welcoming this chance for a presence on the global stage!






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