The Doldrums?….





I suppose there’s really no such thing as “the doldrums” when it comes to politics and policy in the United States. Especially not with THIS President at the helm! That brings me to the question on my mind…”Is he REALLY at the helm?”

Barack Obama made it clear quite some time ago, he takes very little seriously. He lacks the integrity to pursue sensible solutions to  REAL problems. He would far prefer to inflame and impugn. With the vast majority of the American electorate mired in ignorance, that strategy has served him well. He knows he can perpetuate the problem while offering no resolution. Why? Because a resolution would not serve him politically. It would not shore up his contention that he is fighting the fight..that he championing those he purportedly serves. Of course, if the American people took a long, hard look at the debt, unemployment, foreign policy, as well as other matters, they would realize Mr. Obama offers nothing. Nothing but rhetoric void of any solid value at all. But we know that’s never going to happen.

The frustrating thing is all of this is out there to see! No thanks to the mainstream media, mind you. But it’s there! The problems and reality are exposed day after day after day by sources which take a look at the facts and approach issues with the realization that the President offers no substance…only feigned indifference sprinkled with inflammatory speech.

Examples are plentiful. In the midst of the sequester, Mr. Obama trumpets claim after claim of real suffering. In the meantime, he plays host to a costly White House gathering celebrating ‘Memphis Soul”. With the monstrosity of “Obamacare” looming on the horizon, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admits implementation of the disaster is going to be more complicated than originally thought! As the President continues his assault on the Second Amendment, he decided to parlay the suffering of Newtown families into what would play good before the cameras by flying families of victims to Washington to lobby Congress.

It goes on and on and on….

Barack Obama continues to show he lacks the maturity, the fortitude, and the rational thought which you would assume would be desirable qualities in the leader of the free world. I suppose they no longer apply. He is a product of antipathy and bitterness toward this country and its founding. He relishes his role of antagonizer while committing nothing. It’s a frightening shame that this is what we’ve come to in our nation. I used to think the President could instill confidence and resolve. Not THIS President! Instead, he fills me with a continuing sense of apprehension and frustration combined with the fact that we’re running out of patience. I hate it. Is it just a national phase, so to speak? I don’t know. Only time will tell. Unfortunately, we seem to be running out of that, too.

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