What did you expect???….

"First of all...you must understand..NONE of this is of my doing...I'm just here to point out what's wrong..no risk taking..no substantive solutions..no reality...It's who I am...I am nothing more than an empty suit...and it's time the media AND the American people realize that..."

“First of all…you must understand..NONE of this is of my doing…I’m just here to point out what’s wrong..no risk taking..no substantive solutions..no reality…It’s who I am…I am nothing more than an empty suit…and it’s time the media AND the American people realize that…”

I’m asking that question of the American people….not the President.

Lot’s of analysis on Mr. Obama’s rather impromptu news conference yesterday. If you can call it that…

Typical of the approach he employs, the President avoided any answers of real substance. Complaining that it’s hard and others are not doing their job was par for the course.

The exasperating part is watching the press…and a good portion of the public..come away surprised and puzzled. How hard is it to grasp the fact that Barack Obama is NOT a President?! He is a figurehead for the government and his party. A spokesman for federal fiat. He governs with an attitude. An attitude of disdain and disregard for those that question him and try to suggest a little reality in governance. He is a man with an agenda. And it is an agenda at odds with what is best for this nation. He’s defensive, divisive, and petty. Yet we’re supposed to take away that his approach is based upon sincerity steeped in core principals. Mr. Obama has no core principals. His arrogance is on display for all to see each and every day. Yet, we continue to put faith in this man. It’s a sad commentary on how sensible thought and practicality has take a back seat to celebrity status.

Here are a few examples of reaction from yesterday….

“It’s never a good sign for a president when he feels compelled to assure the public he still has a pulse.” – Dana Milbank @ The Washington Post

“The King of Glib sure isn’t ready for the serious business of actually getting things done.” – Charles Hurt @ The Washington Times

“President Barack Obama spent most of his surprise April 30 press conference on the defensive, blaming the Senate, budget cuts, Republicans, Syria’s dictator and much else for the shaky start to his second term.” – Neil Munro @ The Daily Caller

And MORE encouraging news….



“Even if we do everything perfectly, there will still be glitches and bumps…. That’s pretty much true of every government program that’s ever been set up.” – President Obama at his news conference 4/30 reported at The Hill

“I just see a huge train wreck coming down… You and I have discussed this many times, and I don’t see any results yet.” – Sen Max Baucus (D-MT) on Obamacare in an interview with The Washington Times


So…there you have it…YOU asked for this crap, folks! YOU asked for four more years of this fiasco of a Presidency. Now we have it…in all of its glory! Buyers remorse is setting in and who are we to blame. Look no further than yourself….


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