How much MORE are we going to take?….



"Damn!...Something don't look right..."

“Damn!…Something don’t look right…”


The past 2 weeks have not been ideal for the Obama White House. And that’s putting it mildly. Benghazi blows up in their face. The I.R.S. has been targeting certain groups as to their consideration for tax exempt status. And now we have the Obama justice department secretly obtaining phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors. As for that, I find it strange since the A.P. has been in Obama’s pocket for years!

It’s all part of the unraveling of the Obama regime. We are witnessing something new with each passing day. It is also further proof that this administration is far more devious, corrupt, and vindictive than we can possibly believe. But, the American people ( a slight majority of them, actually) returned Barack Obama to office for a second term. This President ran his campaign (and he CONTINUES to campaign) based upon lies and manufactured innuendo. Now we can see it quite clearly in the way THIS White House conducts the nation’s business.

Nevertheless, I’ve never doubted for a minute that THIS President could literally get away with murder…weapon in hand…with audio and video proof…and the media would go out of the way to proclaim his innocence. It’s how blind and foolhardy we’ve become as a nation and a society. We’ve invested in a man who offers excuses and blame instead of solutions. Welcome to life in Obama’s America.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Libya







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