Where We Stand (or Fall)…continued..

With discourse, divisiveness, and distrust at an all time high in our view of Washington, have you taken the time to REALLY think about who is to blame…where the fault actually lies?…Yeah, I know..who has the luxury of time like that these days?!



I understand we are a nation of exceptions…and the exceptional…excuses, and extremes. Everyone’s situation is unique..in it’s THEIR problems..THEIR concerns…what have you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to mesh very well in our society.

The constitutional republic we live in has given us unique opportunities and freedoms. I know it has not always been as such. Therein lies just one part of the problem. The freedoms we all enjoy allow certain elements of our society to take advantage of past wrong doings, discrimination, and the like. Be it racial, gender based, age based, sexual orientation…you name it. They continue to play to the fears that have been passed from generation to generation. Completely to their advantage. And, human nature being what it is, many of us eagerly and willingly allow ourselves to be convinced we cannot function fully on our on..with our own abilities… We need this group or that spokesperson fighting the fight for us. Now, most clear thinking individuals would eventually reach a point where they realize, “you know, I NEED to do this for myself…I NEED to stand on my own…failings and all…for my OWN self respect!” Unfortunately, that quaint school of thought will not get you very far in many sectors of our society.

Around us we see a nation that has been struggling economically for over 5 years now. Who do you REALLY think is to blame for that?..You?..that corporate big wig over there?…that EVIL company taking advantage of poor unsuspecting saps?…

Our so called “leaders” in Washington CREATED the atmosphere in which businesses must operate. Their answer to rectifying certain situations was and is to create MORE rules…and if that doesn’t work out as planned, they will create even MORE..to correct what didn’t work the first time! Confused?…You should be! Can you imagine the difficulty navigating federal regulation..not to mention state…as you’re trying to get a business off the ground? Most Americans can’t.

I heard a saying recently…and I can’t believe I’ve not heard it before…something like 5% of Americans are pulling the wagon, the remaining 95% are riding in it… NOTHING could be more true today than that. The people that work hard, make sensible, well thought out decisions, and plan accordingly are carrying the load for everyone that does not. Yet their frustrations are discounted and dismissed. Especially by government. A government which continues to function on what it can promise the 95% while taking more and more and more from the 5%. I know there are exceptions…just as I mentioned at the beginning of this piece. But we are fast approaching…if we’re not there already…the point where our society can no longer operate in this manner. That is, of course, unless we want a fundamental change in our governmental structure and become a socialist state. Will that solve the “problems”? Don’t bet on it! There will ALWAYS be an element that rises to the top, no matter what.

Our nation has been through a lot in the last 50 to 60 years. There were points where we all seemed to be a little more ..”together” as a people…with some pride in our sense of purpose. I haven’t seen that for many, many years. It’s sad. We’ve allowed our massive governmental bureaucracy to grow unchecked and become populated with arrogant, self serving, bitter individuals. They forgot that they are there at OUR discretion to serve US! NOT the other way around. Our duty is NOT to comply with what THEY decide we must comply with. I’m not referring to armed revolt or anything like that. The point is we did not place elected officials in power to create and abuse rules that THEY create to “regulate” our lives! The government is there to provide for the national defense and the general welfare of ALL Americans. NOT tailored programs for this group or that group. Restrictions on this group or that group.




It’s been a struggle for the country since the groundbreaking election of Barack Obama in 2008. Sadly, very little of what was hoped would happen hasn’t. As a whole, Americans are thoughtful, hopeful, and…careful. These past few years have put all of that to the test. And, I have to say…we’re not doing well…at all. So convinced by nefarious powers that be that Mr. Obama’s rise to the Presidency would change everything for the better, we foolishly ignored the realities. Of course, the vindictive and indignant notions of the man didn’t help matters. Yet, we continue to allow ourselves…or, I should say MANY do…to be easily persuaded by utopian, empty promises. We’ve lost the ability to think and reason for ourselves. We’re watching what happens when trust and faith is so easily placed in someone unproven and unworthy.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we should take the time to give thanks for those that knew…and know..the difference between right and wrong. We should give thanks to those that serve because they see it as their duty. They respect honor and dignity above all else. Take a long, honest look at your life…the world we live in today. You just may find yourself questioning WHY things are the way they are. It may also give you the courage to make some changes.




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