Bursting the Bubble!

This is DEFINITELY worth reposting!….

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I heard about this opinion piece and figured it was definitely worth sharing. You may have, as well..But, it’s well worth exposing it to more Americans out there…

THRIVING D.C.’S BUBBLE WILL BURST! – Salena Zito @ Pittsburgh Tribune Review

So, while Washington basks in its roaring economy, debating such issues as gay marriage, guns and how to provide a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, the rest of the country asks, “Hi, remember us? Where are the jobs? Can we focus on the jobs?”

“Eighteen Starbucks shops can be found in the three-mile walk from DuPont Circle to the U.S. Capitol. Not one of them had a line less than seven people deep on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

Twenty-one construction sites filled with workers on girders and cranes towering over whole city blocks can be found on the same walk.

Commerce bursts from every…

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