Epidemic Proportions!






There’s a serious “disease”, if you were, that is spreading across the country….that is if it hasn’t engulfed the nation completely. It’s a very disconcerting condition to those of us not affected as we navigate our society.

There was the girl blocking the bookstore aisle as she decided to make herself comfortable while totally absorbed in her read. The woman driving engrossed in chatting on her cellphone, as she realized too late she was not in the correct lane to make the turn she needed. This leads to her coming to a halt until she can manage to work her way over.

The man carrying on a rather loud conversation on his cell with a buddy as he casually strolled through a store much to the chagrin of those around him. The same affliction could be seen in a young mother who exclaimed to uproarious laughter on HER cell how great it was to hear from a friend she apparently had lost touch with..again, to the detriment of her fellow shoppers.

These examples…and many, many more like them are perfect indications of what has been running rampant through our culture for several years now. The complete lack of situational awareness. I’ve never understood how certain situations do not give cause for concern by the victims of this illness. It baffles me.

Yet, it’s just another indication of our nation, as a whole. Most Americans pay little attention, if any, to what’s happening on our national stage. Matters that will someway, somehow affect their day to day life, eventually. As our political class steeps itself in immigration, gay marriage, abortion, and other marginally pertinent “issues”, we are left with a country struggling with unemployment, debt, and cultural rot. Our government, more than ever, is a reflection of our minuscule attention span when it comes to what really should matter to our collective future. We have a nation where careers have given way to part time work, where appreciation for true talent has ceded to ridiculous antics on You Tube, where achievement is considered nearly criminal because you HAD to have slighted someone else to obtain what you have!

Of course, Barack Obama couldn’t be happier with this. The President who has made his entire presidency from a practice of disconnecting himself from just about everything. That way he avoids any responsibility whatsoever. And that’s fine for a man who seems to be unable to relate to what it’s like to appreciate value and tradition. He has no concept of either. Yet he continues the big lie of pretending to care. It’s a sad, disappointing example of cowardice we’ve never seen before in a leader. A term very loosely applied to him.

So we continue in our microcosms of focusing on iPhones, iPads, etc. The irony is lost on many, I’m sure. We’re addicted to devices that purportedly allow us to share more. When, in fact, most younger Americans have declining social skills when it comes to face to face encounters. Here’s where I shake my head…

We’re a nation in decline on many, many fronts. If you might take a look around, I don’t think you will need to look for very long before you realize what I mean…

Now, where’s that iPad?….




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