Distract and Divide






As the rallies protesting the verdict in the Zimmerman case get underway today, you KNEW it was just a matter of time before President Obama  ingratiated himself into the death of Trayvon Martin. It’s what he does best. Play to inflamed emotion and anger. Rather than appeal to ideals of unity and our national identity, Mr. Obama takes the stage to instigate and incense. He is NOT a leader, in the true sense of the word. Not in the least.

You can add the current firestorm around last week’s verdict to the list of distractions. It is just the latest excuse for THIS president and his party to IGNORE the economic well being of this country. Cities are going bankrupt…what feeble job growth we have seen is now stagnant…and government debt continues at an unfathomable rate.

Yet, Barack Obama wants the nation to believe HE could have been Trayvon Martin years ago! He continues to bring nothing but shame upon the office of President. He continues to sink to new lows JUST as you think his politics can’t POSSIBLY become more divisive. I continue to shake my head in disbelief and disgust as he leads the charge on inflicting MORE and MORE damage upon a torn and troubled nation. Unfortunately, we have far too many swayed in their ignorant sensibilities to see what has happened. We are a frustrated America and we have THIS president to thank for doing all he can make sure that continues!



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