‘Be Afraid!’…or at least, Be Aware!




As the Washington shenanigans continue, we still have a disconnected, ineffective President in Barack Obama. A Congress so ideologically divided that any substantive solution to our nation’s woes doesn’t stand a chance. And a nation so ill informed, unconcerned, and probably exhausted from nearly a decade of strife.

Ahead we have the 2014 mid term elections. Will we see any change? Who knows?…One things is for certain, if the destructive, divisive, and costly endeavors of THIS President and his party are not defeated, we will have (if we’re not already there) a society completely and irreversibly lost.


I know your an idiot

The Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti has a sobering look at the Democrats and their plans to wreak more havoc upon an indifferent nation…


The Democratic plan to take back the House

Which would YOU rather see next year…..



..or this?

..or this?





or this?...

or this?…


It’s time to put an end to years of stupidity, destruction, and nonstop CRAP from this administration! Pure and simple!





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