The Shameful Presidency



As I listened to Barack Obama’s remarks yesterday, I thought to myself, “yet another opportunity for this man to exemplify his disastrous presidency!” He was not about to miss an opportunity to needle his political opposition, despite the tragedy unfolding in the Washington navy yard. Can’t put aside political “strategery”, no matter what the circumstance!

That lead to further analysis. Personal introspection, if you will.

I’ve always considered myself a fair minded, decent person. I was fortunate to grow up in a loving family with two hard working parents (a civil engineer and a teacher). They were not general..but, they made sure we knew the difference between right and wrong. They also instilled in their children a sense of self reliance. To be dependent on no one! You work hard and make your way in this world. I realize not all of us are fortunate enough to to come from a background, as such. However, I’ve never sought excuses or to blame others for my shortcomings.

That belief has long been throw out in our society. And we are experiencing an America under a president who subscribes to admonishing self reliance and hard work. His entire 4+ years in office has been about nothing more than shifting blame where he can and setting the narrative with his media allies. Any questioning of that is met with arrogance and condescension. Of course, Barack Obama applies those two techniques on a daily basis. No matter what the scenario.

Mr. Obama’s approach is apparently steeped in righting what he considers a national wrong found in this country since its inception. The “disadvantaged”, the “racially discriminated”, “the cheated”….They are all overdue for revenge in this president’s view. Mr. Obama continues to frame the “advantaged” as an enemy…the subject of scorn and deceit. Anyone living in reality knows how foolishly inaccurate this entire concept is. Yet, there are millions who buy into it. I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, behavior and words..written or spoken…trump race, political affiliation, sexual orientation, national origin, etc…when it comes to my reaction to someone. Not for Barack Obama! All of the above are key to playing the game with the government at your side. Never mind your lack of responsibility, your poor choices, your pursuit of immediate pleasure over practicality. Those concepts are sooo archaic! Why change your outlook on life when you can get what you want as long as it’s taken from someone who doesn’t deserve it!

I know life isn’t fair. I know dishonesty abounds out there. That being noted, I DO NOT believe businesses operate to cheat their customers. I DO NOT believe decisions are purposefully made to grant opportunity in education, the workplace, etc., based upon someone’s race or background. Of course, their are exceptions. But, we’ve been functioning as a society for far too long under the notion that is utterly widespread and must be continually battled on every front! With that approach, change will NEVER come. An adversarial atmosphere will ALWAYS be present. I’m talking to YOU, Jesse Jackson…and YOU, Al Sharpton…and many, many more who operate in the political arena in that regard.

Unfortunately, with the never ending cycle in our society, REAL change is never given a chance. The battle is always prominent in the minds of most. And Barack Obama continues to masterfully play the game with this in mind. It perpetuates and “justifies” his presidency. Yet, if honesty was allowed to flourish, this sham of a man would be blatantly exposed for what he is.

We’re reactionary in nature. I get that. But it’s often frustrating to see no semblance of forethought, common sense, and simple decency. Mr. Obama continues to divide a nation. He continues to pit segment against segment, group against group. Add to that the rhetoric he continues to put forth peppered with half hearted promises and it’s a recipe for the disaster you see unfolding around us every day!

At one time, I thought we would eventually rise above all of this. I’m not so sure any more. It’s gone on unchallenged for too long. It’s depressed millions of Americans in more ways than one. My only hope lies in the idea that enough of us will actually SAY “ENOUGH!”…”I’M TIRED OF THIS CRAP!”….There’s always that spark out there…Let’s hope that IS enough!

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