Thank you, Barack Obama!

Barack Obama

Caught a showing of the new movie, ‘Prisoners’ last night (an UNSATISFACTORY ending, but that’s another story!). One of the preview trailers was for ‘The Fifth Estate’, the upcoming release about Julian Assange and the whole “wiki leaks” mess. Which it seems, turned out to be much ado about nothing. I thought to myself, “I’ll be the vast majority of this audience doesn’t have the slightest clue about the scandal!…NOT A CLUE!..they don’t keep track of stuff like that!” My point was proven as ‘Prisoners’ got underway. The story involves the disappearance of two young girls and the gut wrenching experience of their families as they struggle for answers. Nothing humorous about it. However, several audience members giggled quite a bit over the pained close ups on Terrance Howard’s face as one of the distraught fathers. I didn’t get that at all!

Back to my focus here…. With the arrival of Barack Obama as president, it seems more Americans would realize we’re seeing practically everything you DO NOT want to see in government. Expansion of federal power, division among our citizens along racial and socio – economic lines, dangerously increasing debt, exhausting unemployment. You name it! Mr. Obama has been a shining example of the one of the biggest mistakes a society can saddle upon itself. He IS the result of a ‘cult of personality’. This silver lining should be a warning for future generations. We can only hope. It’s a very difficult struggle now. We are bombarded day after day after day with media opinion masquerading as legitimate news propping up and excusing the disaster we have in the White House. But reality tells us otherwise. More and more Americans will eventually tire of this…the division, the excuses, the explanations. Of course, Mr. Obama and the Democrats realize that and they will continue the litany of lies and deceit to keep their grasp on power. But NOT ‘delivering the goods’ will catch up with them.

Barack Obama’s presidency is a house of cards. You can’t expect that to remain standing against the winds of change. His insolent, combative tone belies a man who fosters an obvious disdain for this nation, its values and its founding ideals. We have HIM to thank for showing us the folly of our ways. We have HIM to thank for allowing us to realize the value of trust. It’s time for the nation to get back to focusing efforts on our personal endeavors, our creativity, and our pursuit of a better life for our families. Mr. Obama has been an unmitigated failure as president..and we have HIM to thank for that!


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