Worse Than You Know!



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Interesting piece this morning….just in case you missed it….

Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

From Infowars:

But according to one of President Obama’s former body guards it’s much worse than we can even imagine.

Dan Bongino has protected numerous Presidents over his career, including President Obama. He has been within ear-shot of many a discussion in the Oval Office, but up until this administration has stayed out of the lime light. Apparently, however, the activities of this administration are so abhorrent that he could no longer keep quiet.

Bongino is so upset with what he witnessed that he is now running for Congress because he feels it’s the only way to take America back from the sycophants who have made every effort to enrich themselves with money and power at the expense of the American people.

How bad is it?

We’re in a lot of trouble.

The President sees government – and I think it’s because of his lack of experience and maybe community organizing in the past – as this shiny new toy.

For all the disagreements I had with Clinton, Carter and Bush there were always limits… there was that line you just didn’t cross… We cross it seemingly every day. We’re lost in the scandals…

The Jamie Dimon shakedown at Chase… the HHS scandal.. Kathleen Sebelius shaking down the health care industry for money… the IRS… it’s to the point where these scandals in and of themselves would be huge back-breaking scandals [but] are just lost in the scandal fog of this administration…

It’s worse than people know… and I’m not trying to scare you either.

This is coming from someone who has stood next to Presidents for his entire career.

The implications are absolutely terrifying, especially considering how bad the publicly known scandals already are. Can you imagine what’s happening outside the view of Americans?

This is not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about liberty, pure and simple, and this administration has done more to damage our individual rights than any that has come before it.

Bongino expresses this succinctly when discussing the NSA scandal and the administration’s use of the information acquired by government snoops all over the country.

You give the government information and it will be abused. It is not a matter of if it’ll be abused, it’s only a matter of when…

When the line between the personal self and the public self… when that line is determined by the government that keeps your information in a trove for release any time they need it, how are you free?

..the bottom line is, having worked inside the government, it will be abused. It is only a matter of time.

We are all doing something wrong. The catch is not “if” we’re doing something wrong. It is “are your private wrongs impacting on my civil liberties?” If not, the government has no business in your life… it’s a red herring…

If you’re not doing something wrong? The question is only whether your private wrongs that have no effect on anyone else become exposed for the government’s benefit.

…It’s only a matter of time before someone slaps an email on your desk from fifteen years ago… and says ‘look what we got against you.’

Remember, when the key is held by someone else liberty means absolutely nothing. That personal and private self are being evaporated.

Make no mistake. They – and that especially includes this administration and/or agents acting under their directives and initiatives – will use everything they can against you when it suits them.

The prerogative has always been to destroy anything or anyone who threatens the establishment. We’ve seen it time and again with this, as well as past, White House administrations and Congressional membership.

Now, more than ever before, they will start targeting those who speak out against them and jeopardize their agenda.


U.S. President Barack Obama waits to speak during the National Peace Officers Memorial Service on Capitol Hill in Washington


Sure, Dan Bongino has a book to hawk. BUT, with the way THIS administration operates, I absolutely, unequivocally believe every last word of it!

This piece from the Ulsterman Report sets the record straight about Tuesday’s election….

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Just Shut Up And Listen”


 A very unexpected message arrived from the individual so many of you know as White House Insider.  They wanted to talk briefly about politics – namely, the Virginia governor’s race.  Apparently, my earlier article on the subject didn’t quite meet their personal approval.  Here is thatmessage, just received, in its entirety, exactly as it was sent to me, with just one minor omission.

Hey.  Read your write up on the virg. election.  You made some valid points.  You also made some stabs that missed the mark.  Badly.  So just shut and listen.

First, dems are not “cringing in fear”.  Give me a break.  They won Virginia.  Terry will turn that place into an early resultselection night launch pad for Hillary in 2016.  At least he’ll try to, and will be given plenty of $$$$ by her campaign to get it done.  So you better drop that bullshit line because it’s not true.  I’ll admit it was closer than I thought it would be. Obamacare rollout is kicking the hell out of the WH right now.  I also think that if the GOP had given up a few more million to the  Cuccinelli campaign, the Republicans might be celebrating a victory in Virginia which would have been a very nice pick up for them.  They dropped the ball though.  They’ll try to say it was about playing smart, or saving cash, but in the end, their job is to help candidateswin elections and the GOP didn’t do that in Virginia, and Virginia is always a very important win for either side.

Also, you misspelled Christie.  You called him Christy.  Maybe you did that on purpose.  I know what you think of the guy.  He has the establishment lining up behind him, so better get used to his name.  He’s gonna be a contender.  And I’ll say it like this on that issue.  Take Cuccinelli and the Chamber of Commerce.  The chamber boys locked Cuccinelli out because he supported the shutdown.  Ok then.  Now they have Terry running things.  Gonna be at least four years before they get that taste out of their mouths.  should have backed Cuccinelli.  So if Christie gets the nom, then you better be backing him, or you might be looking at eight years of trying to get the taste of Hillary out of your mouth.  Think about it.

So don’t blame the GOP as much as the big money donors, the Chamber, etc.  And the Tea party people.  Where was their $$$$?  After the rollout, everyone had a chance to pile on and win that race.  They were slow to act and lost it.  Figure it out Republicans.  Good lord you’re supposed to be the smart ones.

Also caught that little update from R.I. at the end about a coalition to deal withObamacare.  That it was a group of Democrats and Republicans.  I found that pretty interesting so made a call.  He’s right to a point, but it’s just some talking right now.  Nobody has the balls to really join up publicly and do it because that would be a play right up against the White House and Democrats, as much as they are worrying about Obamacare backlash, also want access to the president’s fundraising.  R.I. has got to stop playing positive and get mean.  Nice don’t win.  Mean does.  Figure it out boy.

And no on the libertarian guy losing it for the Republicans.  #’s don’t jive with that scenario.

So basically they’re all a bunch of gutless backstabbing pukes.  Don’t matter if it’s an R or a D.  All the same to me these days.

And in your book, is the chief of staff guy based on -name deleted- because if you didn’t plan for that, the way you put him together is right on.  Had me laughing.  I enjoyed the read, but you didn’t get the entrance part right.  You turn to the right not the left if you’re coming through the public entrance area, and the last time I was there I had to go through at least one more checkpoint and security is all over place now which you didn’t really describe.  Other than that, you had it pretty much down.  Been a few years so I’ll let it slide.”


 You can’t make this stuff up, folks!


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