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Well, our return from the “holidaze” sees the nation freaking out over the extreme cold. Of course, media hype accounts for about 70% of that.

It strikes me as frustrating that while so many embrace “the inconvenient truth” when it comes to our natural existence, the REAL INCONVENIENT TRUTH of the dangers imposed upon us by government and elected officials is met with indifference. Debt, spending, national security, spying, the abusive IRS, Benghazi….they’re all still relevant. We just can’t muster the energy required for the outrage.

Barack Obama has finally returned from his extended Hawaii vacation. Obamcare is STILL a mess, extending unemployment benefits takes precedence over actually trying to create an economy where that isn’t necessary, and “income inequality” set the stage of distraction.

A current piece in The Atlantic on pollster Frank Luntz focuses on his frustration with his failure to convince more Americans that we need to save the country from our elected officials. I know EXACTLY how he feels! It boggles the mind that more of us are not clued in to how bad things are. I guess there are not enough of us with that luxury. And if you don’t think Washington politicians aren’t aware of that…well, you just proved my point.

Too many of us would rather focus on the opinions of a swamp rat when it comes to gays. Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle ( @JessCagleEW ) laments that “you (Phil Robertson) managed to get your intense disdain for gay people and patronizing views on African-Americans disseminated all over the place..” I was quick to correct Mr. Cagle that it was his fellow media figures who saw to it Robertson’s views were heralded across an easily distracted nation.

I don’t know. This stuff just goes on and on and on. Anything is fair game when it comes to separating Americans from what is vital to their day to day lives. What do you think?…Are we destined to continue this trend toward our inevitable demise?..

2016 is two years away. We have another presidential campaign and election to endure. I’m hoping..just hoping, mind you…enough of us will have reached a point to where we decide it’s time to come to our collective senses and elect a president who will offer the nation respect, dignity, and hope. Not a personality masquerading as president. We shall see…we shall see…



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