Losing Our Grip!

Well, “we”…or many of us…are not losing our grasp on reality. The media and the powers that be seem to have COMPLETELY lost theirs!….

Instead of focusing on this….

LFP Participation



the focus is on this…




Instead of focusing on this….




The concern is about this….



Instead of focusing on this..

Job Opportunity Calssified


Congress and the President fret over this…





And of course, this




Is MUCH more “vital” to the worthless politicians in Washington than this:



When will we learn?…When will we face the reality?…Who knows?…I don’t expect any real change as long as MORONS like this are the ones in charge:

alg-harry-reid-jpgBarack Obama




U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee shows a bag of Skittles during her remarks at a public forum on the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, on Capitol Hill in Washington










We placed power in the hands of some of the most selfish, clueless, and devious individuals we possibly could! THINK ABOUT IT!




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