Another year, more of the same!

2014 is well underway and not much is different from 2013. We’re still a nation divided. We’re still a nation immersed in frustration. And we’re STILL a nation with a president who would much prefer to exacerbate problems rather than work to their solution.

Barack Obama continues his divisive politics. He continues to prey upon the aforementioned frustration by lending nothing more than vague lip service to the problems faced by the American people. The latest being the “pen and telephone” reference. By that he means he intends to operate with or without Congressional approval on various matters. The Constitution be damned! Unfortunately, Speaker John Boehner doesn’t seem to realize this president’s disdain for the rule of law is far more ingrained in him that any concern for it.

We’re basically left with a chief executive who intends to operate as he has in the past. Personal opinion and polling dictate policy. Serious, concrete solutions are either beyond the comprehension of the Obama administration or they are met with such scorn, we will never see resolution in any way, shape, or form. I suspect it’s a combination of both. Mr. Obama views all within the prism of shaping public opinion and scoring a political advantage over his rivals. That being the dastardly Republicans. Who, as far as the Democrats are concerned, would much rather see the country die than agree with the disjointed scope of this White House. I have no doubt policy meetings for Mr. Obama.. at least the ones he bothers to attend..are oriented toward how points with this group or that constituency can be obtained. Whether or not a workable solution to an issue can be achieved…well, that’s much further down the list of requirements… if on the list at all!

“Income inequality”..the latest buzz phrase out of nothing more than a political ploy to gin up sentiment among the millions still struggling with unemployment. Never mind the administration has purportedly been working on solutions for years now! At least that’s what we were told. Instead of focusing on policies which would encourage demand, worker productivity, hiring, and expansion, the Obama administration would far prefer to focus the political energy on extending unemployment benefits. Keep ’em wanting more! That’s the mantra. Why focus on job development within the business community when you can damn those who question the administration’s approach as selfish and heartless? It’s a win, win for the Democrats.

Every day sees more ridiculous news stories that make shake your head in disgust. The master plan to dumb down the nation continues unabated. Millions of Americans are simply exhausted when it comes to the burden of economic struggle. Mr. Obama and his party hammer home the message that they “care” and they’re “fighting for you!” When it is simply lie after lie after lie. Their priority is power. Combined with prestige…no matter how warped it is…and advantage, it’s too tempting to resist. They continue the shell game of PRETENDING to be concerned..PRETENDING to give a damn! When, in the end..nothing changes. And it’s all the fault of the political opposition. It’s a sham that has worked for decades and as ignorance and carelessness grow among the populace, it becomes part of our national psyche..our demeanor. It’s sad to see our national destruction. As the days pass, the chances of turning it around grow dimmer. Eventually, the hope will die..taking with it a once proud country. A heartbreaking scenario, indeed.


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