It’s Not Easy Being…

Interesting, and alarming, piece from Reason, concerning GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia and his “departure” from the G.O.P. I can definitely relate. His designation as “no party” hits home.

Over the years, I’ve taken enough ribbing from more liberal friends and acquaintances over my conservative leanings. How Republicans are so narrow minded, hateful, bigoted. You know the drill….


Da Salvia points out how frustrated he is in dealing with that element that seems to wield so much influence over the direction the party takes. MY frustration continues to be the focus on the likes of gay marriage and abortion when it comes to national elections…or ANY election, for that matter. The party’s response should be “Hey, look..whatever you do..that’s your business…just don’t expect anyone else…government included…to pay for it.” Can you imagine what that would do for the Republican party? Not to mention how depleted the ammo supply of the Democrats would be?!

In the meantime, we’re left to struggle to get the message across to millions of Americans. Unfortunately, trying to do that under the current leadership of the G.O.P. is becoming a hopeless and hapless task. Common sense would tell you there should be NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER what Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing and have in store for this nation! No doubt at all! The Republicans should be seizing the opportunity to hammer their message home about the dangers this nation faces as a whole. But, the previously mentioned struggle seems to be more intra-party than extra-party.

Health Care Overhaul

Every day I shake my head in disgust at news across the forefront of issues as it is SO clear to me…and millions of  others..what’s going on. We’re lied to about debt, unemployment, healthcare, international relations, climate change…our future! Until we can face those in Washington with a determined, united, and sensible agenda, we will continue to suffer as we have over the past 5+ years, under the likes Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.


This isn’t that hard to grasp when you face the truth with a willingness to save the country. Until we muster the courage to do so, nothing..NOTHING..will change!…


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