Can You Imagine?!….

With the on again, off again contentious issue of immigration “reform” making its way to the headlines, the recent events in Switzerland are definitely worth noting…..


The Swiss narrowly approved measures to limit immigration in their small enclave in central Europe. Several reasons led to this..such as strain on resources, overpopulation, and the simple dilution of Swiss culture. Much was made of the division between rural Switzerland and the cities, German speaking Swiss, and the French speaking. And there was the usual excuse that everything was being exaggerated, as far as the effects of continued relaxed immigration standards. That’s a flimsy excuse, at best.

What REALLY struck me was the remark of a Swiss woman, Selina Boppart…a 32 year old resident of Zurich. She was not happy with the result of the vote. See if you might agree that her outrageous comments are reflective of a segment of the proponents of practically limitless immigration in this country:

“I voted against it, and I’m not happy at all…”… “It’s catastrophic. You can really see the gap between city and country. We rely on foreign workers. Who’s going to clean our toilets, take care of the sick and elderly, who’s going to wash the dishes in a restaurant?”

Who’s going to clean our toilets, take care of the sick and elderly, who’s going to wash the dishes in a restaurant?…

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if an American made those statements?!! Apparently, Ms Boppart sees little value in immigrant workers…or immigrants in general. She seems to have no problem with a continuous influx of low wage earners with little aspiration to do much more than the jobs mentioned.

A nation can’t survive with a constant flow of service industry workers and little else. Any immigration reform needs to focus more on attracting skilled, motivated individuals whose goal is a prosperous life. Not grasping for what they can, taking advantage of taxpayer funded programs, and all the while ranting against what they consider a discriminatory system. Of course, various elements in the United States are perfectly happy with that. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce comes to mind of late.I’ve always been skeptical of the notion that Americans won’t perform certain jobs. That may be true to an extent, but it doesn’t excuse Ms Boppart’s view and that of those like her in this country.

As for the “reform” part, it’s more than obvious the federal government simply refuses to enforce existing law..and hasn’t for years. As with such legislation, attempts are continually made to limit its scope with exceptions and overlook selective violations. It should be no more complicated than this: you follow the law if you want to enter the United States. If you enter this country illegally, you are subject to being removed and returned to where you came from. Period. Other nations seem to operate with that in mind and have for decades. We, on the other hand, immerse ourselves in the cover of “compassion and concern”, when little “compassion and concern” is fostered by those that break the law. It’s time we faced up to that fact!


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