The LONG and Winding Road…


As the world finds itself on edge once again with the explosive situation between Russia and the Ukraine, the United States is an uncomfortable position resulting from a weak, directionless foreign policy. That seems to be the consensus…even among those who have championed the leadership lacking Obama administration over the years.

I found myself frustratingly adding this latest fiasco to the laundry list of failures and pointlessness of the Obama White House. Once again, our nation edges closer to embarrassment with the foolhardy assessments of a man who governs..and I use that term loosely…the way he THINKS the world should be, as opposed to the reality which clear thinking individuals acknowledge.

Barack Obama seems to have championed failure and incompetence throughout his first term and that mindset continues into the second. At home and abroad, we’ve seen a naive approach and response to our national problems at home and our international interests abroad…

Let’s take a the case you’ve forgotten…shall we?…


The Obama administration has been completely and utterly ineffective in advancing an agenda which promotes economic growth. And manipulating job numbers is NOT the answer….


Any effort at “stimulating” the economy has failed miserably..not to mention the fact a waste of money..literally…


I think this one is pretty much self explanatory….

President Obama Speaks On The Death Of US Ambassador In Libya Christopher Stevens

Despite feigning ignorance, incompetence ruled the day under in the Department of State under Hillary Clinton. Benghazi is, and will remain, a perfect example of that. Mrs. Clinton’s famous “what difference does it make..?” response to those questioning the administration’s preparedness and its ability to protect our interests is classic when it comes to demonstrating how truly cavalier and condescending their attitude was…..and continues to be!


President Obama successfully demonized the Republican opposition in the sequester fiasco, despite the situation escalating due to HIS administration’s efforts…it was nothing more than an attempt at political capital…


The administration continued the tactic of simply pretending to be unaware of what was happening in its ranks throughout the NSA and IRS selective targeting scandals…


This spotlight photo of shameless Attorney General Eric Holder sums up the Barack Obama legacy in three words..”responsible for nothing”….

The voters of the United States have awarded the highest honor to a man based on nothing more than his skin color. We placed our future in the hands of a man who has shown nothing but callous and blatant disregard for the national well being of the United States. A country made up of individuals easily swayed by the musings and whims of an elitist element that purports to be looking out for our interests..that’s what we’ve become. It’s sad and demeaning to a nation built on promise and effort. Unfortunately those two attributes have all but disappeared under Barack Obama….



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