Confidence?..I don’t think so!

"We can't shut down the border...that would make too much sense.."

“We can’t shut down the border…that would make too much sense..”

Unfortunately for the citizens of the United States, the Obama administration and its authority with the Centers for Disease Control (an oxymoron with the Ebola outbreak) seem to be placing more of us at risk with their lack of direction in handling this VERY serious crisis!

I have little, if any, confidence with the abilities of ANY agency of this government with Barack Obama at its helm.

We are watching this country fall to the risk of what could be turn out to be devastating. Instead, the CDC head, Dr. Thomas Frieden seems to be more concerned about what we CAN’T or shouldn’t do rather than secure the health and welfare of our country and its citizens. We are literally relying on questionnaires and devices which supposedly register body temperature simply by waving them around an individual.

ONCE AGAIN, the Obama White House allows a situation to come to the brink of chaos, while they try to reassure a nervous public that they have things under control! How many more individuals will enter the United States while “showing no symptoms”, only to discover two days later they’re infected with the worst virus since the plague?…

I find this whole politicized matter to be typical of a government headed by a completely UNQUALIFIED, ARROGANT, CONDESCENDING president! Only, this time, our physical well being is in danger! God help us!….


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