It shouldn’t be surprising the lengths the Democrats will go to in order to instill fear in the voting electorate. However, this year’s mid term elections seem to have brought some humdingers!

A few for you..

In North Carolina, a group supportive of incumbent Senator Kay Hagan (D) warns of lynchings and the like, should the GOP win the Senate…

senator kay hagan


In Texas, loopy Wendy Davis, the Democrat candidate for governor, questions whether her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, would defend an interracial marriage ban. A rather odd scenario in itself, made even more odd by the fact that Abbott himself is in an interracial marriage…

Wendy Davis filibuster

The lunatic, Davis, is about as whack as they come in politics….

And speaking of lunatics…. Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren (D), stumping for fellow idiot, Al Franken (D-MN), is on the rampage again with some garbage about the system being rigged by the Republicans…Yeah…they rigged it so they would lose…


When it comes to complete and utter nonsense, nonstop bullshit, and a complete lack of common sense, the Democrats have DEFINITELY got that cornered!


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