Crystal Clear

Upon hearing of a recommendation, I’ve discovered the latest work from author William R. Forstchen…”Day of Wrath”.

If you’re familiar with a previous work, “One Second After”, you’re aware of how Forstchen accurately portrays disturbing situations few of us can fathom..or even recognize.

“Wrath” is no exception. Without giving the plot away, we’ll say the subject matter is literally part of today’s headlines. What I would like to share is the description the author creates in an analysis of our society in today’s world….

We have lived with the abnormal for so long, we believe it to be normal.”

We expect to be lied to…In fact, the truth is so rare these days that we think it is spoken only as a maneuver of the moment to cover yet another lie. Our leaders tell us to believe in them, that they do all for our good. They tell us that they fight for our rights while they travel about in entourages costing millions for their monthly vacations. They tell us to conserve, for all is running short, while their private jets take them to their next gathering. What are proclaimed to be our entertainers are experts on all things simply because they act a role in a movie. Their role model to our youth is one of dissipation, mocking any of us who try to teach our children any type of values. 

News last night was of yet another thirty thousand dollar-a-plate fundraiser to pay for yet more lies to blanket their hypocrisy, to opiate us while the worshipful media stands awestruck. Every night is Oscar night in Washington with some self congratulatory award. Every day, a new scandal of the day (at least for the twenty four hour news cycle) is examined with about as much critical skill as that of entertainment reporters gasping about who left her husband for a new affair. Politics are merged with entertainment and entertainment with politics, though one used to be only for diversion while the other diversion while the other truly was, and still is, a matter of life and death. 

The death of a second rate actor to drugs draws more media and mourning than the sealed metal boxes returning from the Middle East.”

The following portion is especially accurate!…

“The new daily scandal of Washington has become business as usual, to be forgotten a day later with a new scandal, a new affair. The reality show has become reality, and the real world an increasingly anesthetized dream to be ignored. 

And those of us who dare to question do so with voices lowered, for, in America today the worst sin of all, the real sin, is no longer racism or hatred…it is simply fear that you might offend. 

The republic was not founded by those who feared to offend. It was not created by those who were afraid to fight back. Is it time to fight back? But how do we fight back? What do we fight back against? How do we fight back?”

These excepts bring to light…for most…what is sadly our world today. To find out more, the ebook is definitely on to check out! On Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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