The world today is awash in thought, word, and deed….more thought and word, I suspect. Consider this my attempt to offer as much. Perhaps it will develop into actual deeds! Who knows?!

Mine is an existence based primarily in observation. Here I will convey those musings to the best of my ability. Your indulgence and consideration is always appreciated.

That being said, my focus will be primarily on politics and policy coming out of our nation’s capital. Unlike anything seen in my lifetime, there is arrogance, idiocy, and a blatant disregard for the rest of us, coming from elected officials. The American taxpayer is a dying breed. And I don’t mean that in a good way. There are literally fewer and fewer with each passing day. Yet government has chosen to increase spending and pursue a utterly irresponsible course of fiscal behavior. And blame us for it! I hope to make others aware of how serious this situation is and to call out the culprits for their disregard and bastardization of a unique society and quality of life on this planet. They WILL and MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. There is no conspiracy at work, it is all up to us. What exists is a lack of a collective will to contribute to our society that continues to reward the size of enterprise at the expense of smaller entities, dis-empowering those who become defeatist. The defeat of the individual comes in the form of a passive aggressive need to recognize one’s own limited life span and to turn inward to attend to personal needs rather than making a contribution to the total system. What we have is a system that is contributing to economic dysfunction rather than correcting the course of our free choice. There is nothing wrong with making choices to protect self interest. However, turning this system around will likely take a crisis.

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