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My absence over the last couple of weeks brings life’s more valuable and important aspects into focus. 

The disheartening, discouraging, and disappointing downfall of American society is a burden not worthy of carrying. The rampant ignorance, stupidity, and selfishness throughout our government and society should not be allowed to consume oneself. Despite the dangers of Barack Obama, the Democrats, the cowardly Republicans and countless numbers of Americans who are either indifferent or completely oblivious, you can’t allow yourself to assume responsibility of their actions or lack of action. It’s simply not worth it in the short time we have…

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Persistent Scars of Long-Term Joblessness

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September 6, 2013, 10:25 am

Hugely elevated levels of long-term unemployment remain one of the worst and most persistent scars from the Great Recession, as underscored yet again in the mediocre August jobs report. All in all, about 4.3 million Americans have been out of work for six months or more.

For those workers, the chance of getting a job gets slimmer and slimmer as time goes on, skills degrade and employers’ biases harden. Even if those workers do become re-employed, it is often for lower wages or worse work.

Granted, the number of Americans that count themselves among the long-term jobless has declined sharply over the last three years, dropping by about 2.4 million from a peak of 6.7 million in 2010. But the number remains significantly elevated, and hundreds of thousands out of work for long spells have simply given up and dropped…

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Warning: Government-Run Healthcare Is Very Hazardous to Your Health

International Liberty

Back in 2010, I guest-hosted Larry Kudlow’s CNBC program for a couple of days. During one of the segments on my last show, I crossed swords with the other host, Simon Hobbs, as we argued whether patients needlessly died because of the government-run healthcare system in the United Kingdom.

Grim Reaper with KidSince neither one of us had data at our fingertips, it was basically a he-said/he-said exchange.

A few days after that tussle, however, I posted some evidence supporting my side of the discussion.

And over the past few years, I’ve posted additional material showing thousands of extra fatalities resulting from the U.K.’s government-run healthcare system. Including the fact that hundreds and hundreds of patients are allowed to starve to death!

Today, I’m going to administer the coup de grâce. I don’t think anybody will be able to pretend that bureaucrats and politicians do a good job after watching this powerful…

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David Simon Is a Moron

Rantings of a Mad Man

David Simon commented on the Zimmerman verdict and said he was ashamed to be an American. He’s rich, he should buy a ticket to another country and live there for a change, or hell he is very rich he should buy another country and live there. People like this moron that use his position to speak on a topic he knows nothing about is an idiot regardless of what he has done with his life. He wasn’t there, he doesn’t know the true events. He like most, only know the little snippets you get from here and there, and the parts the public were privy to during the trial. But yet he speaks like an expert eye witness and dares to say he is ashamed to be an American when the American legal system was used and a verdict was rendered via that system. And what is even worse is…

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Bursting the Bubble!

This is DEFINITELY worth reposting!….

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I heard about this opinion piece and figured it was definitely worth sharing. You may have, as well..But, it’s well worth exposing it to more Americans out there…

THRIVING D.C.’S BUBBLE WILL BURST! – Salena Zito @ Pittsburgh Tribune Review

So, while Washington basks in its roaring economy, debating such issues as gay marriage, guns and how to provide a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, the rest of the country asks, “Hi, remember us? Where are the jobs? Can we focus on the jobs?”

“Eighteen Starbucks shops can be found in the three-mile walk from DuPont Circle to the U.S. Capitol. Not one of them had a line less than seven people deep on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

Twenty-one construction sites filled with workers on girders and cranes towering over whole city blocks can be found on the same walk.

Commerce bursts from every…

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