Many years ago, my fascination with commercial aviation began peering through a chain link fence or taking in the thrill on an open observation deck. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama there were not a lot of opportunities to travel by air. But, when I did, it was really something special!

Today is an amazing day for Mobile, the state of Alabama, and the Gulf coast region. Airbus breaks ground on a huge assembly plant at the Brookley aerospace complex. This is a first for Airbus in North America. And the fact that they chose my hometown as the site of this venture holds a special place in my heart!

The region welcomes this player on the global aviation stage with much anticipation and excitement. And let’s face it, with the national economy being what it is, this sort of endeavor isn’t happening much around the country!

Airbus will be assembling the A320 line of aircraft in Mobile as part of their expanding market in the Americas. Strategically, it’s a good fit. The Gulf coast region is centrally located for serving both North and South America and it will no doubt prove an asset for Airbus.

The groundbreaking takes place at 10:00am CDT and can be viewed HERE.

I’m sure I speak for many along the coast in welcoming this chance for a presence on the global stage!






A ‘Session’ of common sense!



Person dumping money into a toilet bowl



One of my favorite purveyors of common sense, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), lambasted the federal government for its continued mantra of “fixing this program’s mistakes with another program” in the Republican weekly address. Meanwhile, Barack Obama decided to celebrate 7.7% unemployment with his…



Obama Burns

Back to the Senator, let’s take a look in this piece from the Daily Caller

“We spend a trillion dollars each year on federal poverty programs. That’s more than the budget for Social Security or Defense…. “But poverty seems only to increase.”

“Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions delivered the Weekly Republican Address Saturday, highlighting the fact that both poverty and spending on government assistance continues to grow in America.

“We spend a trillion dollars each year on federal poverty programs. That’s more than the budget for Social Security or Defense,” he said. “But poverty seems only to increase.”

Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, highlighted the low-income troubles in the nation’s capitol, where 1 in 3 children in Washington D.C. live in poverty and 2 in 3 live in single parent homes. Just northward in Baltimore, Sessions added, 1 in 3 are living on food stamps and 1 in 3 children are living in poverty.

“Americans are committed to helping our sisters and brothers who are struggling, but we are seeing the damaging human consequences of our broken welfare state,” he said.

The Alabama senator slammed the Agriculture Department for its aggressiveoutreach efforts to enroll more people on food stamps, including strategies to overcome “mountain pride,” and the USDA’s contention that “each $5 in new [food stamp] benefits generates almost twice that amount in economic activity for the community.”

“Isn’t a better goal to help more Americans find good-paying jobs, to have the pride and self-respect that comes from that?” he asked. “Isn’t this a superior form of compassion that has a more solid moral foundation? Yet every time lawmakers try to reform the bureaucracy to accomplish these goals, they meet with the same response: President Obama attacks the reformers, saying such ideas aren’t compassionate or fair. But what is truly unfair and lacking in compassion is to protect a federal bureaucracy that is failing those who need our help the most.”

Sessions went on to attack the president for his desire to grow government, and Senate Democrats for their failure to produce a budget in four years.

“Apparently, the government is perfect and requires no reform,” he said. “That would explain why Senate Democrats have refused to pass a legally-mandated 10-year budget plan in four years. ”

Senate Democrats are expected to release a budget next week — a budget Sessions said he fears will go along with the president’s big government approach of more taxes, spending and debt.

“We need to grow the economy – not the government,” he said.

Sessions’ solution: “Make welfare temporary and the welfare office an employment and job training office. Unlock America’s vast energy resources to create millions of good-paying jobs,” he said. “Defend American workers from unfair foreign trade practices. Reform the tax code to make America globally competitive, creating more jobs here. Make government leaner, less wasteful so it produces greater results for the money you earned and sent here. Enforce an immigration policy that protects legal US workers from unlawful competition. Eliminate every burdensome federal rule or regulation that isn’t needed and that destroys jobs. And, finally, we must balance the federal budget.”

Fighting Words!

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)….”To my Democratic colleagues, you’re full of crap!”

To an alarming degree (Democrats have succeeded in) framing the fiscal debate as a choice between fiscal restraint and compassion…(where the GOP is cast as) the enemy of the working class and the protectors of the rich… It must not go unanswered…”

Well, it’s about time!…..

Happy to see this piece from National Review today! My home state Senator, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), rises above many in the Republican party and calls out the Democrats for their continued bullsh*t! As NRO reports, he goes on offense…and he doesn’t give a crap if Democrats are offended!….Quite a foreign strategy to those in the party whose mantra is ‘go along to get along’ combined with spinelessness!

SESSIONS GOES ON OFFENSE OVER WELFARE – Andrew Stiles @ National Review Online

“When Senate Democrats announced earlier this year their intention — after nearly four years of strategic waffling — to finally put forward a budget, few lawmakers were more thrilled than Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.).

Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, had been the foremost agitator against the majority party’s fiscal fecklessness. “This will be a very important time,” he says. “We need the Democratic party to quit lying back and attacking Republicans who are laying out a plan to put the country on a sound financial footing, while they never expose themselves with any plan.”

Yet the three-term senator remains unsatisfied with the budget debate in Washington, and this time, Sessions is calling on Republicans to change their ways. If the GOP hopes to have any success in the upcoming budget debate, he says, it needs to modify how it approaches debate over financial issues, particularly with respect to the poor. In short: more offense, less defense.

Sessions outlined his concerns in a February 11 strategy memo to his Republican colleagues. “To an alarming degree,” he wrote, Democrats have succeeded in “framing the fiscal debate as a choice between fiscal restraint and compassion,” where the GOP is cast as “the enemy of the working class and the protectors of the rich.” The Democratic storyline, Sessions says, is “an attack on the very integrity of Republicans,” and it must not go unanswered.

Standard GOP counterarguments — laments of “class warfare,” ineffectual defense of “job creators,” attacks on failed Democratic leadership — are insufficient, Sessions says. These well-worn talking points not only fail to rebut the opposition’s pointed attacks, they also fail to present a moral case for conservative reform.

“We need to emphasize, first and foremost, that not only are we concerned that we’re not creating enough jobs to reduce unemployment and raise wages, but thereason we’re very concerned is that it’s hurting Americans, in particular poor Americans, and we are determined to do something about it,” he says. “And we need to make clear that the stated tax-and-spend policies of the Left are a major cause” of that harm.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)

Sessions previewed this new tone last week during a budget-committee hearing, directly challenging Senator Patty Murray (D., Wash.), the committee chairman, for recently accusing Republicans of “protecting the rich above all else” and “starving programs that help middle-class families and the most vulnerable Americans.”

“I resent the fact that people suggest that because we have a different view of how to help poor people, we somehow don’t care about them,” Sessions said. “My goal is to help protect working Americans from the social and economic harm that is caused by policies of this president and the Senate majority.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

One of Sessions’s principal targets is the vast array of increasingly bloated federal welfare programs. He has called for a “return to the moral principles of the 1996 welfare reform.” These principles have been undercut, he says, by the prevailing tendency to cast any effort to restructure these programs as a callous assault on the poor. Sessions recalls the words of Representative Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.), who recently accused Republicans of voting to “literally take food out of the mouths of hungry babies.”

“The message was clear [in 1996] that the welfare programs were entrapping people, demoralizing recipients, and that this was bad for them, not just bad for the U.S. Treasury, but bad for the recipients themselves,” Sessions says. “What we need to do now is to ask ourselves: ‘Have we drifted back into dependency mode?’ The answer is yes. And can we lift ourselves out again? Yes.”

To help make his case, Sessions is enlisting, among others, Bob Woodson, a noted community activist and the founder of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. Woodson, who helped organize Paul Ryan’s address on poverty at Cleveland State University during the recent presidential campaign, testified during last week’s budget-committee hearing, where he argued that systemic dysfunction and a culture of dependency, not a lack of funding, are the central problems plaguing the country’s welfare programs.

“If we were going to have won the war on poverty with spending, it would have been done a long time ago,” Woodson said, noting that the federal government has spent nearly $20 trillion on aid to the poor since the War of Poverty was first declared in 1964. “If we want to help those in need, we need to ask: ‘Is the approach we are taking to relieve poverty by what we call the safety net actually helping, or is it injuring with the helping hand?’”

Sessions knows all too well that he and other conservative reformers are up against entrenched opposition. He recalls being “attacked for not caring about children” after he proposed an amendment to modestly reduce the growth of food-stamp programs by closing a loophole that allowed individuals to receive food stamps even if their assets exceeded the legal limit for eligibility.

When it comes to welfare reform and other financial matters, Republicans should stop invoking deficit reduction as the primary impetus for conservative policies, he says. Instead, they should focus on advancing a moral argument. Sessions says the GOP’s failure to do so explains, at least in part, its poor showing in the 2012 election.

“What we should have said is: ‘We know why you’re having hard time getting a job,’” he says, “‘We know why you’re having a hard time getting a pay raise. We know why your raises are falling behind the inflation rate. And the reason is that we’ve got flawed economic leadership.’ We need to challenge Democrats: ‘Your programs are causing the welfare, your programs are causing poverty, your programs are trapping people in dependency, your programs will not work and have never worked and won’t work now.’”

“It’s a better message than ‘We’re cutting welfare simply because we want to save money,’” he adds. “It’s the right message.”

Appealing to the Dumb (M)asses!

Well, have you recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday?…I suppose, in many ways, things are just getting started! I’m not sure what to make of spending for the upcoming season. Of course, that goes with just about ANYTHING the media reports on. CNN says traffic was up, but sales were down. TechCrunch says online sales surged. figure it out…

“I’m coming after MORE of your money…and you ASKED for it!”

One thing’s you could probably bet on as a certainty…your taxes are going up. President Obama will likely move for some sort of major tax increase. It’s what he does..its’ who he is. The President is an enemy of commerce and producing in this country. Period.

I found this reader’s take on what’s ahead in the Duluth (MN) News Tribune:


I will predict the president’s strategy for fiscal policy. He vilifies anyone who worked hard, came up with a good idea, risked their money, or made good decisions and had their efforts rewarded. He campaigned on the promise to get more of their money. He seems unsatisfied with getting 3 percent to 4 percent more.

Everyone agrees the tax system needs reform. President Obama will pressure Republicans into raising rates on the top

2 percent of income-tax filers (who currently pay 60 percent of all federal income taxes, according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources). Once he has gotten the increase in tax rates, Obama will push closing tax loopholes for this select few, further increasing their taxes.

Obama seems to believe the successful 2 percent must take personal responsibility for all Americans.

Is it surprising that according to exit polls, 60 percent of voters support raising taxes on the top 2 percent? No. If you ask, “Would you rather raise your taxes or the other guys’ taxes?” you’d expect a high percentage voting for the other guy. Obama should be concerned his scheme didn’t get the support of 98 percent.

Obama, like President Clinton and Warren Buffet, has said he could pay more in federal taxes. Yet last year he took all the deductions his returns. Romney, meanwhile, paid more taxes by not taking the deductions to which he was entitled, according to news reports. (It’s funny Obama didn’t mention Romney as a good example of what he was talking about!)

Obama seems to love to say: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” I look forward to Obama taking the standard deduction on his 2012 return. Paying more taxes and demonstrating he means it.

Doug Haertzen

Warba, Minn.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Haertzen. Mr. Obama subscribes to the notion that the only way to solve the nation’s fiscal woes is to take more from those that have and give it to those that don’t. That’s it, in a nutshell. There is no argument to be made that disputes that. There just isn’t. Have you ever asked yourself why the government’s answer is to seize more from YOU? Why is limiting the scope and growth of the government NEVER a consideration? WHY IS THAT? The answer today is simple. President Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in making more and more of your fellow Americans dependent upon the federal government for their livelihood…and in some cases, their survival. That doesn’t explain why the federal government does not place its focus and energy on a more productive society instead.

Under the ‘WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING?’ banner, we now have Republicans caving on their commitment to no new taxes. And I’m sad to say MY senator, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), is apparently leading the way.

“I am basically…a coward…”

It just goes to show you even the most stalwart defenders of common sense in government can weaken. Whatever is politically expedient rules the day. I had more faith in Sen. Chambliss, but I suppose that was a foolish notion.

“I’m hoping to remind the cowards as to what they ALREADY agreed to!”

In the meantime, at least some have retained some balls…Alabama’s Jeff Sessions (R) has indicated that Congress should stick with the budget limitations agreed to in LAST year’s agreement. We shall see how THAT plays out..

Lets’s face it folks. You know it and I know it. The President…Congress…they (MOST of them, anyway) have no intention whatsoever about tackling the problems we face. They lack the guts and fortitude to face facts. They’re basically cowards. Their position in government is secure as long as they can convince the dumb asses in this country that they care and they have the answers. When, the fact is, THEY are the problem!

I am convinced more than ever before that the only thing that will wake the American people up to reality is national catastrophe of massive proportions. God forbid…It’s going to take something on huge scale…whether it’s economical, military in nature, or a natural disaster. The latter may not have as far reaching proportions and the previous two, but it could turn out to be an indicator of where we’re headed. Hurricane Sandy is the latest example. We simply cannot go on as we have in the past. There were those that saw no real difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as the election approached. They may have been right. But…we’ve now handed the keys to our car over to a dangerous, intoxicated driver who is intent on going faster and faster. He’s taking us in the wrong direction and the destination is NOT going to be pretty! Enjoy the ride! It could very well be your last!

Thanks…but, no thanks!


Having dealt with the aftermath of a hurricane, this piece from the Daily Caller is nothing short of infuriating!…It’s so good to see the IBEW put THEIR selfish concerns ahead of the dire straits local communities face in coastal New Jersey! Great going guys! You sorry bastards!….




Utility crews from several states East of the Mississippi River hit the road this week to volunteer their time and talents in Northeastern states hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. But crews from Alabama got the shock of their lives when other workers in a coastal New Jersey town told them they couldn’t lend a hand without a union card.

Derrick Moore, who works for Decatur Utilities in Decatur, Ala., told WAFF-TVin Huntsville that crews in Seaside Heights, N.J. turned him and his crewmates away, saying they couldn’t do any work there because they’re not union employees.

As a result, crews from Decatur and Huntsville left the Jersey shore and headed to Long Island to pitch in.

WAFF’s Mark Thornton reported that Moore and his coworkers “are frustrated being told, in essence, ‘thanks, but no thanks.’”

Another nonunion Decatur Utilities crew is idling in Roanoke, Va., waiting for instructions from Seaside Heights. The town asked them days ago for help, but later told the workers to stand down.

A rejected crew from the Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Co-op in Trinity, Ala. has already turned around and headed back to Dixie.

Electric repair work for public utilities in New Jersey is dominated by the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers, a unit of the politically powerful AFL-CIO.

Many parts of coastal New Jersey are projected to be without electric power for at least seven to 10 more days.





Irresponsible Democrats!

Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions (R) blasts a broadside at the President and the FAILED Democrat leadership in Congress: THAT MEANS YOU, SENATOR REID, AND YOU..MS. PELOSI!


Senator Jeff Sessions delivered the Republicans’ radio address this morning. He took the opportunity to excoriate President Obama for lying about his budget plan, and Senate Democrats for ignoring their legal duty to adopt a budget. He addressed his listeners as though Americans, preparing to vote in November, were a jury:

Hello. I’m Jeff Sessions, United States Senator from Alabama. I’m also the Ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

Before entering politics, I was a federal prosecutor. I tried many cases and spoke to many juries. The brilliance of our legal system is that it places judgment in the hands of everyday citizens. Twelve complete strangers, from all walks of life, sit in a jury box, carefully weigh the evidence, and then reach an impartial verdict.

Our democracy works much the same. Voters hear the arguments, weigh the evidence, and then go to the ballot box and render a verdict.

As a prosecutor, I learned to trust the wisdom of these everyday citizens. I also learned, more than anything else, jurors want the facts. Today my goal is to present to you the facts as honestly and directly as I can.

Americans feel right now like the world has been turned upside down. They sacrifice to pay their bills and then watch federal workers throw lavish parties on their dime. They hear warnings of a debt crisis and yet learn that we still borrow nearly $4 billion a day. They send their tax dollars to Washington on the hope those dollars will be wisely guarded and then discover that those dollars have been lost and wasted and abused. They balance their family budgets only to find out that the United States Senate, under Democrat control, will not even bring a budget plan to the Senate floor.

The American people see the financial chaos. They know it must stop. They know their families are at risk. And that their country is in danger. Yet the President does not rally the country to action. Instead, he says our debt course is nothing to worry about. He continues to insist that his budget plan will pay down the debt.

This is the pivotal question of our time. This is a question on which our future depends. Does the President’s plan pay down our debt? Or does it leave our nation on a certain path to financial disaster?

Let’s review the facts.

To pay down the debt requires a surplus. Under the President’s 10-year budget, there is never a surplus. The single lowest annual deficit is $543 billion. The annual deficit in the 10th year grows to $652 billion. Despite $1.8 trillion in new taxes, his budget increases our spending and debt every year, adding $11 trillion to the debt overall. Just the interest alone on our debt would exceed defense spending in seven years. These are not my numbers; they come from the tables in the President’s own budget document that he printed and sent to Congress.

For the President to say his plan will pay down the debt is one of the greatest financial misrepresentations ever made to the American people.

Adding to the chaos, the Senate Democrat Majority has decided to adjourn through November having utterly failed to meet its most basic obligations. For the last three years, in a time of national crisis, Senate Democrats have deliberately violated the legal requirement to produce a budget plan. How can they ask the American people to send them one more dime in new taxes when they won’t even meet their legal duty to write a financial plan and tell how that money will be spent?

They also failed to pass a single annual appropriations bill—not once, but twice—the first time a single spending bill wasn’t passed in Senate history. They would not even bring up the crucial national defense authorization bill—for the first time in 50 years. And they presented no plan to prevent the huge tax hikes and steep cuts to defense known as the fiscal cliff.

All these failures create uncertainty and weaken the economy.

People should know that the Republican-led House on the other hand, met its obligations. Most significantly, it passed a budget to rescue America from a debt crisis. Compared to the President’s plan, the House budget achieved $3.3 trillion in greater deficit reduction while fostering economic growth.

If given the chance, Republicans will get this government under control. A Republican Senate will pass a budget. Failure is not an option.

We believe in a better way forward. A way that brings us closer to—not further from—our heritage as a nation.

We believe in growing the economy, not the bureaucracy. We believe in helping more people live good and prosperous lives. We believe in preventing the safety net from becoming a restraint. We believe in lifting people onto the employment rolls instead of leaving them on the welfare rolls. And we believe that compassion should not be defined by much money the government spends on poverty but how many people we can help rise out of poverty.

And we believe in the good, decent, hardworking citizens of this Republic.

These are the facts. The case is in your hands. God bless you, God bless our troops, and God bless America.

Tuesday Potpourri!….

Well, I suppose it’s back to the matters at hand…returning after my departure into the expansion of commercial aviation manufacturing the past couple of days….That being said, yesterday’s announcement about Airbus and their planned expansion in this country continues to make news:

Alabama’s Governor Bentley (R) was fairly blunt when he spoke to Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto:

“We are a right-to-work state… That is, Alabama is one of 23 states that forbid workers from being forced to join a union as a condition of employment. This has resulted in weak unions in those states….”

The governor is right…when the emphasis is placed on the employee being part of a union, it takes precedence over the job at hand..literally. Millions of Americans want to WORK!…THAT is their priority! Union leaders fail to grasp that concept.


I’m sure everyone is well aware of the recent storms that pounded the mid-Atlantic states…and literally bringing areas around D.C. to a standstill…with damage and power outages. The Economic Collapse blog has an interesting piece

today. He expands on the what the outcome would be as a result of an EMP…or electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere over the United States. And it ain’t pretty. Everything with any sort of electronic circuit…and that’s a LOT of stuff…would be fried…and completely useless! About a year ago I read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. It’s fiction, but it was one of the most frightening books I’ve ever read. He chronicles life in this country following just such an event. And trust me…it’s NOT something you want to experience!


Back to the here and now…The Washington Times has an interesting…and disturbing story…about President Obama’s implementation of his “amnesty program” recently announced. Of course, no one should be surprised by this! Mr. Obama is a liar. He deceives and manipulates whatever and whoever he can to achieve whatever he likes:

“Federal immigration authorities have begun granting tentative legal status to illegal immigrants under President Obama’s deportation halt — and in some cases are even ignoring the administration’s eligibility rules to stop deportations for those who shouldn’t qualify, according to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.”

You need look no further than the healthcare mandate ruling: it’s tax…it’s not a tax…ok it’s only a tax when we want it to be a tax….but it can be a penalty AND a tax…..just add this to the ever growing list of power grabbing edicts from our ruler!…


The resounding answer to that is NO!…I know it, you know it….anyone who is not lying to themselves knows it!…..