Will You listen NOW???





Do you REALLY believe this is going to get better?…I’ve got news for you. It isn’t.

In the past, a deaf ear and a blind eye was turned to those sounding the alarm about the excesses of government, it’s abuse of power, and it’s growing intrusion in the lives of American citizens. The media dismissed…and STILL DOES, to some extent…those warnings as sensationalist, conspiratorial, and simply rooted in hate for President Obama.

In the past six months or so, we’ve had lies about Benghazi, lies about the IRS and it’s tactics, lies about the government monitoring the press, and NOW we find the National Security Agency added to the list! That’s right! Seems the NSA has been expanding the scope of mining the data of millions of phone calls placed by Verizon customers!

The single most frightening aspect of all of this is the indifference of the American people. Now, there are those making an effort to fight this ever growing pattern of abuse by the Obama administration. But, by and large, it seems to be ignored. Ignored by those that this serious injustice is perpetrated upon! The press, for the most part, plays down the Justice Department’s obtaining the phone records of the Associated Press. And a large portion of the American people don’t even seem to be AWARE of what’s happening to them!

Alabama tea party figure, Becky Gerrittson, got it right (see yesterday’s post) when she pointed out that the government no longer knows its place and we are ALL in danger of losing what this nation stands for!

Barack Obama’s response?… simple, vague lip service. Why doesn’t he say and do more?…Because it runs counter to his political agenda and his core beliefs. THAT’S WHY! Yet he presents himself as unattached to any of it. If you’re foolish enough to buy into that premise, I fear for your future and your family’s!

The Obama administration has effectively turned the nation’s citizens into enemies of the state. Nevertheless, outrage is tempered, if expressed at all. Every day the federal government is exposed for tactics which should have the American people fuming. Have we become that complacent? that jaded? If the answer to that is “yes”, then we are finished as a people. Our entire experiment in liberty has been in vain. It’s been a fraud and a sham.

I’m not ready to believe that! Are you?….





The War at Home…

As Barack Obama continues to coast through the scandal gauntlet, it could be sadly reported the President’s “fundamental change” notion has firmly taken root. Mr. Obama and the Democrats have successfully managed to change the rules from ideas and debating the issues to simply demonizing ANY opposition as evil, hateful, and downright demonic. That practice has convinced the ever shrinking minds of so many Americans on practically any concern. An alliance with the media has been the largest component in convincing the weak and the willing that THIS President can do no wrong. Despite the reality of just how WRONG his administration is on so many fronts.

Barack Obama’s disdain and disregard for what used to be worthy aspirations of the nation as a whole is propped up by his claim that those values are so yesterday..so old fashioned..so close minded…so discriminatory.


A. Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times – Dispatch outlines how the President has declared war on the Constitution. You know..that document which WAS the basis for law in what USED to be a nation of laws…


The President, who first campaigned on a claim to constitutional expertise, is now the document’s biggest threat.

“A physician’s expertise makes him capable of inflicting great harm, noted Plato a couple thousand years ago, and no one is better positioned to steal than a guard. So perhaps we should not be surprised that the most conspicuous foe of liberty and the Bill of Rights turns out to be a former professor of constitutional law.

As a general rule, politicians tend to whipsaw between two poles. Conservatives try to increase economic liberty but show less regard for civil liberties. Liberals care deeply about civil liberties while trying to restrict the economic kind.

But the Obama administration is remarkable for its degree of disdain for both.

The president’s principal first-term achievement was the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The law greatly increases government’s role in health care and includes an expansion of government power unprecedented in American history: a requirement that all citizens purchase a consumer good irrespective of their personal behavior.


The administration also has pressed relentlessly – and successfully – for tax hikes, which shift control over economic resources from private hands to government. It also has indulged a regulatory binge, which shifts control indirectly, by cranking out burdensome new rules at a rate far faster than the Bush administration ever did. (This holds true even if you count only “economically significant” rules – those costing $100 million or more – and rely only on administration-friendly accounts.)

The result: Government not only is taking more of your money, it increasingly is telling you how to spend what’s left. A recent study estimates the cost of regulation at nearly $15,000 per household. This means the three principal drains on the family checkbook, in order, are: (1) taxes, (2) housing, and (3) regulation. And Washington is working hard to move regulation into the second slot.

While trends like these drive conservatives nuts, they gladden liberal hearts. Yet liberals are not happy with the Obama administration these days – for exceptionally good reasons.

Most saliently, the Justice Department has been trolling through the phone records of reporters for the Associated Press and, even worse, has accused a reporter (Fox News’ James Rosen) of acting as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the unlawful leaking of classified materials. Rosen’s offense was to do what reporters are supposed to do: break a story. This, too, is unprecedented, and it goes too far even for Obama’s most knee-jerk defenders. The New York Times views the investigation as “threatening fundamental freedoms of the press.”


The Rosen matter alone would suffice to disqualify the administration from any Friends-of-the-First Amendment society. Yet it is only one of several such assaults. Others include the administration’s campaign, through its insistence on a contraception mandate underObamacare, against religious liberty, and the president’s suggestion after Citizens United that “we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process” to limit the free-speech rights of persons who incorporate their social organizations; and its thuggish targeting of its political opponents.

If the IRS’ treatment of tea-party groups were an isolated story, you could swallow the explanation that a few low-level bureaucrats went rogue. But that account does not explain why the EPA has been far more generous to freedom-of-information requests from liberal groups than from conservatives. Or why, shortly after the Obama campaign slimed Romney supporter Frank Vander Sloot as a disreputable fellow, he was audited three times – twice by the IRS and once by the Labor Department. Or why, after Texas resident CatherineEngelbrecht started a Tea Party group, she received scrutiny not just from the IRS but also from the FBI. And OSHA. And, just for good measure, the ATF. Or why the IRS took 17 months to respond to an initial tax-exempt status from the conservative Wyoming Policy Institute. Or why it shared confidential files from conservative groups with the liberal ProPublica. Or why. . .


Enough on the First Amendment. The president also has tried with considerable vigor to undermine the Second, and has succeeded in subverting the Fourth: Under Obama, who has gone to court to defend warrantless wiretaps he once condemned, warrantless “pen register” and “trap-and-trace” monitoring has soared to unprecedented heights.

In 2011 the president signed a reauthorization of the Patriot Act with just one regret: Congress approved an extension of only one year, while Obama wanted three. He signed into law a defense reauthorization bill allowing the indefinite detention, without charge, of American citizens, thereby gutting the principle of habeas corpus. Granted, he issued an executive order promising not to exercise that power. But the order does not constrain future presidents or, technically, even him.

From a civil-liberties perspective, Obama has carried forward nearly every one of the war-on-terror powers that led liberals to denounce George W. Bush as a goose-stepping fascist, and in fact has made many of them worse. When he retires from public life, perhaps he will return to teaching the Constitution. That should be much easier work – given how little of it there will be left.


This article originally appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

A. Barton Hinkle is senior editorial writer and a columnist at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Scandalous!…Oh My!




Now we all know about the track record of this President. He’s managed to disassociate himself from just about every single negative event or aspect of HIS administration. That’s not an easy feat. But, with a willing media and lots of help from various characters in the political arena, he’s done just that. And it’s played well with his base. Several recent polls have reported his popularity rating unchanged, and in some cases, rising slightly! How puzzling is that?…It can all be attributed to the ignorance and obliviousness of the President’s supporters.

Andrew Malcolm at Investors Business Daily has chronicled the unsavory events of the Obama administration. Perhaps this trip down memory lane will persuade a few…a VERY few, mind you…to scratch their head and ask a few questions….we’ll see…


“The standard rule for handling bad news in politics is to get it all out at once. Take your hits for a news cycle, two or three. And then try to move on.

The conventional wisdom has been that the worst thing to do is allow the bad news to dribble out, poison drop by poison drop, for days, weeks, even months.

Yet that is precisely what Barack Obama has done — and continues to do in his current epidemic of embarrassments — over a decade of controversies and scandals. The amazing thing is, so far, it’s worked like a charm. So, why should he change?

Ignore it. Dismiss it. Dissemble it to death. Didn’t know about it. Point at others. Have others point at others. Have others suggest the criticism is really racial. Stay aloof. Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times. Hope the problem goes away.

And, by golly, usually it has for Obama.



Whether that will work this time in the face of three major, simultaneous scandals and the independent investigations certain to grow from them remains an open question. Will the Chicago Democrat skate again? Or will the events, the lies, the half-truths, the cover-ups forever stain his once-historical presidential legacy?

Barack Obama is no stranger to scandal. Here’s a recap of a few:




Benghazi Obama


Benghazi should be the most serious scandal since it involved the deaths of four Americans from unpreparedness and inaction in the face of violent attacks and misleading ensuing excuses devised and spoken by the president and those around him.



When Osama bin Laden was whacked by SEALs, we got a minute-by-minute account of what Obama was doing, as if watching on Dronecam from a secure White House basement bunker was some kind of feat.

Truthless TV talking points aside, on Benghazi we still don’t know A) where Obama was throughout the violent night of 9/11, possibly packing for another fundraising foray in Las Vegas, B) Who forbid prepared Special Ops forces from racing to the rescue or C) Why Benghazi consulate security had been reduced despite pleas for more in preceding weeks.

The commander-in-chief has even professed ignorance of eyewitness accounts being muzzled by State Department officials.




Probably the most serious scandal for Obama, however, is the selective targeting of conservative political groups by the Internal Revenue Service, whose coercive tentacles touch virtually every American.


Typically, Obama says he knew nothing about it. He didn’t even know there was a bombshell investigation about to come out because — wait for it — his chief attorney and chief of staff didn’t think to tell him about the approaching political IED in the weeks before.



This disdain for detail from the man who meticulously designs his own NCAA brackets for a sports special each March.

He has now succeeded in focusing the public discussion on when someone else knew and why she didn’t tell him.


Obama’s so-called press secretary claims the chief executive has the highest regard for freedom of the press — as in the very First Amendment. However, Obama does not regard as a scandal or violation the FBI naming a reporter professionally pursuing information as a criminal conspirator in order to access his private email account and his parents’ to identify a State Department leaker.

Nor is Obama concerned over the FBI pursuing phone records of AP journalists without even seeking their help. Safe to bet, however, that this administration does not mind the aura of intimidation that hangs over would-be whistle-blowers and their potential press contacts.

The Justice probers, however, have not shown similar diligence in tracking leakers of information that made Obama looked good in the war on terror, which he doesn’t like to call a war on terror.




The Fast and Furious scandal offered Atty. Gen. Eric Holder the opportunity to claim ignorance of the gun-running operation by agents within his department. They successfully helped drug dealers smuggle hundreds of weapons from the United States into Mexico, resulting in the deaths of scores.

So eager were Obama and Holder to get to the bottom of this lethal mess that when congressional investigators sought internal messages and memos, Obama refused, claiming executive privilege. This claim is now being litigated, which conveniently stretches out the incident.


Obama Solyndra


Solyndra was a solar-panel company that received more than a half-billion taxpayer dollars before going bankrupt. But it’s just one of dozens of such so-called green energy projects that received billions of dollars in Obama administration subsidies before going belly-up and/or being sold to China. It is perhaps an amazing coincidence that many of these defunct firms had connections to Obama campaign fundraisers.


"Our mutual hatred of America brought us together!"

“Our mutual hatred of America brought us together!”

Remember the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? He was the Chicago pastor who over 20 years married the Obamas, baptized their children and somehow delivered his startlingly racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American sermons only on Sundays when Obama was absent.

Back in 2008 Obama said he had no recollection of such videotaped outrages and could no more renounce the reverend than his white grandmother — until six weeks later in his bitter primary contest with Hillary Clinton, Obama did renounce Wright. Wright later told Edward Klein, author of “The Amateur,” that he’d been offered a large sum of money to stay quiet about his close relationship with Obama.


"I'm tellin' ya..it's a win win for both of us!"

“I’m tellin’ ya..it’s a win win for both of us!”

During Obama’s presidential transition in late 2008, suspicions arose that his team had been in contact with Illinois’ governor over which Democrat should be named to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat. The governor was later convicted of trying to sell the nomination.

Obama named his own lawyer to investigate his own team and you might not be surprised to learn that Obama’s lawyer completely exonerated Obama’s team.


The grease of Chicago’s machine politics is a bevy of shadowy, unelected men who fundraise, broker deals and otherwise assist Democrat pols so their hands can look clean. Tony Rezko was one.

We say “was,” because the Syrian-born Rezko now resides in federal prison. But beginning in the 1990s he was a close friend of Obama and Rod Blagojevich, a congressman who would go on with the help of Obama and Rezko to become governor and, now, also a resident of federal prison.

Here’s how it works in the Windy City: After Obama’s Senate election in 2004, he wanted a nicer house. He found one on the South Side but could not afford the asking price, which was enlarged because the seller wanted to include a vacant lot next door.

Obama went to his “friend” Tony for “advice.” Then, here’s what happened: On the very same day that Barack and Michelle closed on the house at a reduced price, Tony Rezko’s wife, who had no visible means of income, purchased the vacant lot at full price. She then peeled off a strip of it to sell to the Obamas.

This made the lot remainder too small for any development, which was OK because it guaranteed the Obamas no close neighbor on that side.

In 2008 the future president dismissed most questions on this as old news. He has never really offered full explanations of the amazing coincidences that benefited him in those deals, though he did once confess poor judgment dealing with Rezko, even as those nosy feds were investigating him.

Oh, by the way, the real estate agent collecting the commission for that land deal was Patti Blagojevich, the then-governor’s wife. So, as usual in Chicago, it was win-win-win financially for the bigs — except, of course, for the prison sentences.”

It’s a lot to think about, I know…But, that’s just it! The people that need to be convinced are NOT thinking about it! The truth is not something they want to face. And that truth is we’ve known the TRUTH about this President for a very long time!

Jig’s up!….

As the Obama administration seems to be coming apart at the seams, the key players react to Benghazi, the AP phone records scandal, and the I.R.S. selected targeting…


"Hey!..I'm just the President..I don't know anything about any of this.."

“Hey!..I’m just the President..I don’t know anything about any of this..”


"Hey..if the President doesn't know anything, then I CERTAINLY don't know anything..about anything.."

“Hey..if the President doesn’t know anything, then I CERTAINLY don’t know anything..about anything..”


"How many times do I have to say it..I AM not and will NEVER be honest about what I know.."

“How many times do I have to say it..I AM not and will NEVER be honest about what I know..”


"I'm not known as the most worthless cabinet member in the administration for nothing..Of course, I'm actually fully knowledgable about Fast and Furious, the AP phone records seizures, AND the I.R.S. practices.."

“I’m not known as the most worthless cabinet member in the administration for nothing..Of course, I’m actually fully knowledgable about Fast and Furious, the AP phone records seizures, AND the I.R.S. practices..”


"It is true that I really haven't a clue about national security...or any of that stuff.."

“It is true that I really haven’t a clue about national security…or any of that stuff..”


"Yes..it's true...I AM the power behind Barack Obama..of course, many of you have always suspected that..."

“Yes..it’s true…I AM the power behind Barack Obama..of course, many of you have always suspected that…”


"I will continue to advise the President to spin and deny..it's what works for us..."

“I will continue to advise the President to spin and deny..it’s what works for us…”


"Hey, as long as I can be a mouthpiece for the administration and spread the lies, I will continue to do so..."

“Hey, as long as I can be a mouthpiece for the administration and spread the lies, I will continue to do so…”


"It's my job to reiterate the lies of the President and this administration to the American people through you morons in the press.."

“It’s my job to reiterate the lies of the President and this administration to the American people through you morons in the press..”



I think it’s well past the time to realize the enemies of the state continue to be just that….






The Obama ‘interview’ you WON’T see!


Leave it to The Economic Collapse blog to approach the scandal ridden Obama administration as NO mainstream media outlet would have the guts to do!..Never mind that it’s only what we would like to see happen…hard hitting, nonetheless!


“Does Barack Obama have any idea what is going on in the government that he is supposedly running?  Scandals are erupting all around him, and he supposedly was not aware that any wrongdoing had taken place in any of those instances.  It is almost as if every major government agency has gone rogue and Obama has no idea what the heck they are doing.  According to Obama, he often doesn’t learn what those under his authority are up to until he sits down and turns on the news.  Should we believe him when he claims ignorance over and over again, or is Obama just trying to protect himself?  Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, the revelations that have come out in recent days about the IRS, the seizure of AP phone records and Benghazi should be very alarming to you.  Taken together, these scandals paint a picture of a federal government that has become drunk with power, and no matter where you may fall on the political spectrum that is something that nobody should want.

Posted below is a fictional interview that I have created between an anonymous reporter and Barack Obama about the IRS scandal, the seizure of AP phone records, Benghazi and other sensitive topics.  Yes, this interview is a bit absurd, but so is the notion that Barack Obama is completely ignorant about so many important things that are going on inside his own government…

REPORTER: “President Obama, the IRS has publicly admitted that they were specifically targeting patriot groups and Tea Party organizations for ‘extra scrutiny’.  When did you first learn about this?”




REPORTER: “But how is that possible?  We have now learned that the targeting of patriots and Tea Party groups began as early as March 2010.  The head of the IRS tax-exempt organizations division was informed about this targeting in June 2011, the chief counsel for the IRS knew about this targeting by August 2011, thedeputy commissioner for services and enforcement knew about this targeting byMarch 2012, and IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller knew about this targeting byMay 2012.  Throughout this period of time, the IRS repeatedly lied to Congress when they were specifically asked about the targeting of conservative groups.  Are you claiming that nobody from your administration ever had any contact with anyone from the IRS about this?”





REPORTER: That is what the IRS was claiming at first.  But now the Washington Post is reporting that “IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea-party-affiliated groups.”  That would seem to indicate that this was being coordinated on a nationwide level by someone at the IRS.  Would you care to comment on that?





REPORTER: But you were just commenting on it.  Don’t you think that the American people deserve the truth about this?




REPORTER: Okay, let’s switch gears.  Did you know that the Justice Department was spying on AP reporters just months before the 2012 election?  Did you know that two months of cellular, office and home telephone records were secretly obtained without any explanation last April and May?




REPORTER: The Associated Press is now the enemy?  Without a free and independent media, what would keep us from descending into tyranny?




REPORTER: But shouldn’t we be alarmed when government agencies target specific groups of people for their political beliefs?  Breitbart is reporting that the EPA “has routinely charged conservative and watchdog groups fees that the agency has waived for the mainstream media and ‘green’ groups”.  Do you know anything about this?





REPORTER: I understand that these are tougher questions than you normally get from the media.  But I think that the American people deserve some answers.  For example, would you like to discuss Benghazi?




REPORTER: Very funny Mr. President.  What about the Fast and Furious scandal?  Would you be willing to talk about that?




REPORTER: Are there any difficult subjects that you would be willing to discuss?  I have questions here about the Secret Service prostitution scandal, Solyndra, the new NSA spy center out in Utah, government ammunition stockpiling, the NDAA, drone strikes, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers.  Would you be willing to answer any of those questions?”





There you have it, folks! All of your questions answered! The air has been cleared! Happy now?…..


More stuff….




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Well, of course it was! Millions of Americans were skeptical from day one! Barack Obama was swept into the White House in 2008 on an emotional outburst. Little was given to thoughts of practicality and experience. The American people sidestepped common sense and handed power to a man whose antipathy and resentment toward this nation is on display more than ever…

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?….

As America thrilled to the inauguration of its 44th President and a new First Lady, the West Wing was filling with a kaleidoscopic army of policy aces, whiz kids, and veteran advisers, all focused on the long haul, no-drama work to which Barack Obama has called them.” – Vanity Fair, March, 2009

“There’ s over 20 percent youth unemployment. We have to create green jobs, do more to provide pay equity – especially for women – and help veterans.” – Labor Secretary Designate Hilda Solis, Vanity Fair, March, 2009

“We are going to take a moon shot on energy independence. The unifying agenda of our nation is energy. Failure is not an option.” – Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, Vanity Fair, March, 2009

And my favorite….

“He’s very centered and calm. The more challenging things become, the more focused he gets.” – David Axelrod, Vanity Fair, March, 2009

It was a joke, a ruse, a scam….THIS is what we’re left with…





It’s ALL been a lie…all of it!…Every bit of it…and you fell for it!…








How much MORE are we going to take?….



"Damn!...Something don't look right..."

“Damn!…Something don’t look right…”


The past 2 weeks have not been ideal for the Obama White House. And that’s putting it mildly. Benghazi blows up in their face. The I.R.S. has been targeting certain groups as to their consideration for tax exempt status. And now we have the Obama justice department secretly obtaining phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors. As for that, I find it strange since the A.P. has been in Obama’s pocket for years!

It’s all part of the unraveling of the Obama regime. We are witnessing something new with each passing day. It is also further proof that this administration is far more devious, corrupt, and vindictive than we can possibly believe. But, the American people ( a slight majority of them, actually) returned Barack Obama to office for a second term. This President ran his campaign (and he CONTINUES to campaign) based upon lies and manufactured innuendo. Now we can see it quite clearly in the way THIS White House conducts the nation’s business.

Nevertheless, I’ve never doubted for a minute that THIS President could literally get away with murder…weapon in hand…with audio and video proof…and the media would go out of the way to proclaim his innocence. It’s how blind and foolhardy we’ve become as a nation and a society. We’ve invested in a man who offers excuses and blame instead of solutions. Welcome to life in Obama’s America.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Libya