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THAT’S the big question in political circles of late… I can recall telling friends during the 2008 campaign that I didn’t trust Hillary Clinton. There was just something…sinister…about her. I still don’t..and there probably still is. Witness the Benghazi fiasco, where she simply walked away. Because, as you know, “what difference does it make?” I’m wondering how things may have proceeded with her winning the nomination and the election that year. Despite what I feel are significant shortcomings, I suspect the past 5 plus years would have proceeded in a more productive fashion, as opposed to the disastrous, disaffected Barack Obama.

As for 2016, there doesn’t seem to be a viable Republican challenger on the horizon. Especially with Chris Christie and Marco Rubio seemingly bending over backwards to slight conservative supporters anywhere they can. They may as well just apply the (D) designation after their names. Especially the combative New Jersey governor.

Back to my original point, I found Charles Hurt’s piece in The Washington Times right on target. He takes a look at what may lie ahead for Mrs. Clinton. That, and the difference it will DEFINITELY make for YOU!


“The Clintons are getting the old band back together again for one last geriatric tour.

Hillary 2016. Because 22 years of Clintons dominating the Beltway isn’t enough.

Her campaign slogan: “Vote for me. I am a woman. What difference does it make?”

The Draft Hillary movement is really taking off. There hasn’t been this much excitement behind a Draft Hillary movement since, well, the last there was aDraft Hillary movement.

Remember that? Back in 2008? When she was the “inevitable nominee”? She was the “most electable” Democrat running? She was the only one who could beat the Republicans?

Didn’t exactly out as advertised. But this being the Clintons, there is no more shame in that than there is in the incident with the intern, sketchy stories about cattle futures or missing law firm records magically reappearing.

They’re not even changing the talking points. Once again, the nomination is hers for the asking. She is inevitable — again. It is time for a woman in theWhite House — again. She is the only electable Democrat in the mix — again.

She’s even picked up a Twitter handle and describes herself as a “glass ceiling cracker.” You go, girl!

Deep down, she’s got to be having flashbacks and night sweats thinking to herself: “I have seen this movie before and I really didn’t like how it ended.”

But what difference does it make? She’s Hillary Rodham Clinton .

The last time, her exhausting quest ended with her defeated and broke. Then she had to muster up the energy to dine on some seriously rancid crow and become the single most visible employee of the man who had beaten her.

He beat her because she had a history and he did not. He beat her because she had made very public decisions that he had not faced. He beat her because she supported a military action overseas that he was able to blithely campaign against. In the end, he beat her because people wanted something . They wanted change.

What difference does it make? In that , it was the difference between winning and losing.

So, what will have happened in eight years to make her not less, but more, appealing to voters? Absolutely nothing.

It is just eight years more of fraught Clinton history. Eight more years of public decisions that will be mercilessly picked apart. Eight more years further and further away from being something new. She will be a calcified statue representing the very opposite of change.

She will be forced to answer endless questions about the deadly terrorist attack in Benghazi. We will see the endless loop of her baring her teeth during a congressional hearing and angrily shouting: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Cruelest of all: She will be blamed and pay the political price for every single unpopular foreign military action the current president has launched during his tenure. She got beaten last time for being a war hawk. She’ll get beaten this time because President Obama became the drone-loving war hawk he had campaigned against.

In 2008, Mrs. Clinton cut an ad showing children asleep. The phone at the White House rings at 3 a.m. announcing some serious national security threat. The narrator intoned: “Who do you want answering the phone?”

Without mentioning Mr. Obama’s name, it was a bid to paint his lack of world experience as a frightening liability.

Well, Mrs. Clinton certainly does not share any such liability. But eight years on, we now know exactly what she will say if she ever does have to answer that phone at 3 a.m. in the White House .

What difference does it make.”

• Charles Hurt can be reached at or on Twitter @charleshurt.


The Obama ‘interview’ you WON’T see!


Leave it to The Economic Collapse blog to approach the scandal ridden Obama administration as NO mainstream media outlet would have the guts to do!..Never mind that it’s only what we would like to see happen…hard hitting, nonetheless!


“Does Barack Obama have any idea what is going on in the government that he is supposedly running?  Scandals are erupting all around him, and he supposedly was not aware that any wrongdoing had taken place in any of those instances.  It is almost as if every major government agency has gone rogue and Obama has no idea what the heck they are doing.  According to Obama, he often doesn’t learn what those under his authority are up to until he sits down and turns on the news.  Should we believe him when he claims ignorance over and over again, or is Obama just trying to protect himself?  Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, the revelations that have come out in recent days about the IRS, the seizure of AP phone records and Benghazi should be very alarming to you.  Taken together, these scandals paint a picture of a federal government that has become drunk with power, and no matter where you may fall on the political spectrum that is something that nobody should want.

Posted below is a fictional interview that I have created between an anonymous reporter and Barack Obama about the IRS scandal, the seizure of AP phone records, Benghazi and other sensitive topics.  Yes, this interview is a bit absurd, but so is the notion that Barack Obama is completely ignorant about so many important things that are going on inside his own government…

REPORTER: “President Obama, the IRS has publicly admitted that they were specifically targeting patriot groups and Tea Party organizations for ‘extra scrutiny’.  When did you first learn about this?”




REPORTER: “But how is that possible?  We have now learned that the targeting of patriots and Tea Party groups began as early as March 2010.  The head of the IRS tax-exempt organizations division was informed about this targeting in June 2011, the chief counsel for the IRS knew about this targeting by August 2011, thedeputy commissioner for services and enforcement knew about this targeting byMarch 2012, and IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller knew about this targeting byMay 2012.  Throughout this period of time, the IRS repeatedly lied to Congress when they were specifically asked about the targeting of conservative groups.  Are you claiming that nobody from your administration ever had any contact with anyone from the IRS about this?”





REPORTER: That is what the IRS was claiming at first.  But now the Washington Post is reporting that “IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea-party-affiliated groups.”  That would seem to indicate that this was being coordinated on a nationwide level by someone at the IRS.  Would you care to comment on that?





REPORTER: But you were just commenting on it.  Don’t you think that the American people deserve the truth about this?




REPORTER: Okay, let’s switch gears.  Did you know that the Justice Department was spying on AP reporters just months before the 2012 election?  Did you know that two months of cellular, office and home telephone records were secretly obtained without any explanation last April and May?




REPORTER: The Associated Press is now the enemy?  Without a free and independent media, what would keep us from descending into tyranny?




REPORTER: But shouldn’t we be alarmed when government agencies target specific groups of people for their political beliefs?  Breitbart is reporting that the EPA “has routinely charged conservative and watchdog groups fees that the agency has waived for the mainstream media and ‘green’ groups”.  Do you know anything about this?





REPORTER: I understand that these are tougher questions than you normally get from the media.  But I think that the American people deserve some answers.  For example, would you like to discuss Benghazi?




REPORTER: Very funny Mr. President.  What about the Fast and Furious scandal?  Would you be willing to talk about that?




REPORTER: Are there any difficult subjects that you would be willing to discuss?  I have questions here about the Secret Service prostitution scandal, Solyndra, the new NSA spy center out in Utah, government ammunition stockpiling, the NDAA, drone strikes, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers.  Would you be willing to answer any of those questions?”





There you have it, folks! All of your questions answered! The air has been cleared! Happy now?…..


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Circling the wagons….DESPERATE Democrats!


Just a sampling of some of the remarks made by Congressional Democrats during the Benghazi hearings yesterday….Typical of such spineless behavior, they attempt to deny and deflect so as to shield the Obama administration…

"Congress has been cheap on the cheap of providing protection to our personnel."

“Congress has been cheap on the cheap of providing protection to our personnel.”

Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) attempting to blame budget restraints for the fiasco in Libya…

"And, as I listen to your testimony I could not help but think of something that I said very recently -- two years ago now -- in a eulogy for a relative. I said that death is a part of life, so often we have to find a way to make life a part of death. And, I guess the reason why I'm saying that, going back to something Mr. Nordstrom said, he wanted, I guess all of you said this, he wanted to make sure we learn from this.."

“And, as I listen to your testimony I could not help but think of something that I said very recently — two years ago now — in a eulogy for a relative. I said that death is a part of life, so often we have to find a way to make life a part of death. And, I guess the reason why I’m saying that, going back to something Mr. Nordstrom said, he wanted, I guess all of you said this, he wanted to make sure we learn from this..”

The embarrassing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) more or less saying sh*t happens….deal with it….

“I find it truly disturbing and very unfortunate that when Americans come under attack, the first thing some did in this country was attack Americans,” she said. “Attack the military; attack the president; attack the State Department; attack the former senator from the great state of New York, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

“I find it truly disturbing and very unfortunate that when Americans come under attack, the first thing some did in this country was attack Americans,” …. “Attack the military; attack the president; attack the State Department; attack the former senator from the great state of New York, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

The MORONIC Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) going out of her way with little C.Y.A. for Mrs. Clinton….

Of course, as to be expected, the media is doing ALL it can to diminish and discredit the hearings… a couple of examples:


@washingtonpost Who’s tweeting about Benghazi? Rich middle-aged men, and Chick-fil-a lovers

"I make sure to discredit the subject of my story if I don't agree with them politically..It's just part of my job as an "objective" it is with most reporters today..."

“I make sure to discredit the subject of my story if I don’t agree with them politically..It’s just part of my job as an “objective” journalist…as it is with most reporters today…”

From Kasie Hunt, NBC News

“So would there be so much coverage of this Benghazi hearing if John Kerry had been SecState at the time? #doubtful #hillary 2016”

It was clear as it could possibly be what was going on with the Democrats on the committee. The objective is to protect President Obama at all costs! Never mind that four Americans died, likely needlessly. Never mind that the administration was and is mired in incompetence and indifference when it comes to the national interests of the nation. The TOP priority of today’s Democratic party is to excuse and impugn. It’s shameless, gutless, and disgusting. And it was on display for the nation to see in these hearings.

"You bet I can lie!...And I'm pretty fu**ing good at it, too!"

“You bet I can lie!…And I’m pretty fu**ing good at it, too!”




FROM BIMBOS TO BENGHAZI – Jeffrey Lord @ American Spectator


What did you expect???….

"First of must understand..NONE of this is of my doing...I'm just here to point out what's risk substantive reality...It's who I am...I am nothing more than an empty suit...and it's time the media AND the American people realize that..."

“First of all…you must understand..NONE of this is of my doing…I’m just here to point out what’s risk substantive reality…It’s who I am…I am nothing more than an empty suit…and it’s time the media AND the American people realize that…”

I’m asking that question of the American people….not the President.

Lot’s of analysis on Mr. Obama’s rather impromptu news conference yesterday. If you can call it that…

Typical of the approach he employs, the President avoided any answers of real substance. Complaining that it’s hard and others are not doing their job was par for the course.

The exasperating part is watching the press…and a good portion of the public..come away surprised and puzzled. How hard is it to grasp the fact that Barack Obama is NOT a President?! He is a figurehead for the government and his party. A spokesman for federal fiat. He governs with an attitude. An attitude of disdain and disregard for those that question him and try to suggest a little reality in governance. He is a man with an agenda. And it is an agenda at odds with what is best for this nation. He’s defensive, divisive, and petty. Yet we’re supposed to take away that his approach is based upon sincerity steeped in core principals. Mr. Obama has no core principals. His arrogance is on display for all to see each and every day. Yet, we continue to put faith in this man. It’s a sad commentary on how sensible thought and practicality has take a back seat to celebrity status.

Here are a few examples of reaction from yesterday….

“It’s never a good sign for a president when he feels compelled to assure the public he still has a pulse.” – Dana Milbank @ The Washington Post

“The King of Glib sure isn’t ready for the serious business of actually getting things done.” – Charles Hurt @ The Washington Times

“President Barack Obama spent most of his surprise April 30 press conference on the defensive, blaming the Senate, budget cuts, Republicans, Syria’s dictator and much else for the shaky start to his second term.” – Neil Munro @ The Daily Caller

And MORE encouraging news….



“Even if we do everything perfectly, there will still be glitches and bumps…. That’s pretty much true of every government program that’s ever been set up.” – President Obama at his news conference 4/30 reported at The Hill

“I just see a huge train wreck coming down… You and I have discussed this many times, and I don’t see any results yet.” – Sen Max Baucus (D-MT) on Obamacare in an interview with The Washington Times


So…there you have it…YOU asked for this crap, folks! YOU asked for four more years of this fiasco of a Presidency. Now we have it…in all of its glory! Buyers remorse is setting in and who are we to blame. Look no further than yourself….