Anticipation and Expectation…


This quiet All Hallow’s Eve got me to thinking….

I’ve lived a life of anticipation and expectation…for about as long as I can remember. The results have occasionally been better than expected. Unfortunately, they’re more often disappointing.

I would do well to adopt a philosophy of ‘come what may’. That’s not to say no planning and preparation would be involved. I need to learn to keep anxiety in check. We’ll see how that goes. It won’t be easy for someone who’s quite adept at playing out scenarios in advance. Part of that comes from a track record fine tuned over the years….

It’s time to welcome calm and serenity back into my life. At least when it’s feasible. With so much out there demanding our attention, it’s no easy task. But, I think I’ll take advantage of the eve of “fall back” as a new start.

Wish me luck!