‘Be Afraid!’…or at least, Be Aware!




As the Washington shenanigans continue, we still have a disconnected, ineffective President in Barack Obama. A Congress so ideologically divided that any substantive solution to our nation’s woes doesn’t stand a chance. And a nation so ill informed, unconcerned, and probably exhausted from nearly a decade of strife.

Ahead we have the 2014 mid term elections. Will we see any change? Who knows?…One things is for certain, if the destructive, divisive, and costly endeavors of THIS President and his party are not defeated, we will have (if we’re not already there) a society completely and irreversibly lost.


I know your an idiot

The Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti has a sobering look at the Democrats and their plans to wreak more havoc upon an indifferent nation…


The Democratic plan to take back the House

Which would YOU rather see next year…..



..or this?

..or this?





or this?...

or this?…


It’s time to put an end to years of stupidity, destruction, and nonstop CRAP from this administration! Pure and simple!





Profiles in Idiocy….

Just a sampling of what the morons and idiots are saying and thinking out there!….

“Here’s what we have now, we have the menu but we don’t have any way to get to the menu,” Reid said.  “The president is taking money — I wish we had the money just to do this on its own, but he’s agreed, he’s determined he’s going to take money from some of the other things that he feels are less important in the healthcare bill and put it on letting you and others know what’s in the bill.."

“Here’s what we have now, we have the menu but we don’t have any way to get to the menu..”… “The president is taking money — I wish we had the money just to do this on its own, but he’s agreed, he’s determined he’s going to take money from some of the other things that he feels are less important in the healthcare bill and put it on letting you and others know what’s in the bill..”

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)…the only living cadaver in the Senate, letting us know it’s going to cost more money to TELL us about Obamacare….

'Benghazi happened a long time ago. We are unaware of any agency blocking an employee who would like to appear before Congress to provide information related to Benghazi..."

”Benghazi happened a long time ago. We are unaware of any agency blocking an employee who would like to appear before Congress to provide information related to Benghazi…”

Presidential press secretary and official liar for the Obama administration, Jay Carney, yet again, dismissing what happened in Benghazi…The “move on, nothing to see here” approach continues to reinforce the belief the White House engaged in a significant cover up that involved the death of a U.S. ambassador….

We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot him,” Bradshaw said. “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ ”

“We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot him..”… “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’ ”

Palm Beach (FL) County sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, hoping you’ll spy on your neighbors, family, and friends….you know…just in case….a la Hitler youth style…


Yeah…I’m sure the police in Seattle were pleased to see that sign as windows were being smashed and buildings being damaged during May Day protests…What better way to further your cause than causing property damage?…

Some in the media are beginning to come away with a diminished view of President Obama’s agenda…so far, anyway…. As it’s pointed out, it’s way too early to dismiss it, but if the past few months are any indication, we are seeing the reality of this administration unlike ever before…..

IS OBAMA A LAME DUCK ALREADY? – Peggy Noonan @ The Wall Street Journal

Not sure, but he sure is quacking like one.

OUT OF HIS HANDS – Matthew Continetti @ The Washington Free Beacon

From healthcare to Syria, President Obama is at the mercy of events.

OBAMA: THE FALL – Charles Krauthammer @ National Review

From the sequester to gun control to Syria, the administration has lost its “juice.”


Like the Iraq war tarnished the Republican brand, ObamaCare could be a long-term political millstone for Democrats

Take from these thoughts what you will….I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again…WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?….

"Damn!...this sh*t is f**ked up!..."

“Damn!…this sh*t is f**ked up!…”

Monday Reading Assignments

As is usually the case, lots of good stuff today! Plus, as usually the case, the lame stream media will again ignore the stories, as they continue their dereliction of duty!

From ‘The Economic Collapse’:



Like we need a chart to prove that! Nevertheless, good stuff from the guys who are NOT afraid to tell you the truth!


Hot Air on the increasingly clueless and out of touch Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)


At least he got the “angry old man” part right! What the Senator fails to realize, he IS the GOP leadership!



Townhall’s Carol Platt Liebau on the continued excesses of the Obama White House…


Further proof that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is delusional….




The New York Post blows the lid off the TSA at Newark (EWR)…yet another example of what a joke our airport security is….




And finally…..

Robert Bianco @ USA Today on your Monday tv viewing!….

What’s worth watching, and what might not be,  in prime time on Monday

The Bachelor, ABC 8pm ET/PT


“Tonight, if tradition holds, the Bachelor is going to make some young woman very happy — namely, the one he doesn’t pick who gets to be the nextBachelorette. Because clearly, considering the series’ romantic track record, the only reason any sensible person would take part in this nonsensical trash is for the opportunity to take part in it again as the star.

The Following, Fox 9pm ET/PT


Back in the ’60s there was a TV series called The F.B.I. that some felt was an egregiously shameless bureau recruiting tool masquerading as a show. Well, if TV amends needed to be made, The Following is bending over backwards to do so, because this makes FBI agents, who just let America’s worst serial killer escape from custody, look like the most bumbling, incompetent people on earth. We understand the bad guy has to elude his pursuers in shows like this, or else there’s no show. But this still-promising, often-frightening series has to find a way to keep its story running that does not constantly seem to depend on the heroes being 10 steps behind — because that’s already wearing thin.

Dallas. TNT 9pm ET/PT


TNT’s reboot marks that passing of J.R. Ewing — and Larry Hagman — with a funeral that will be attended by characters from both the new and the old shows. To say Hagman will be much missed by fans is to state the obvious, but his loss will also be keenly felt by TNT. It’s hard enough to watch this second-rate remake with him; watching it without him seems impossible.”

The Reaction


Let’s take a look at some of the observations to the usual bullsh*t Barack Obama delivered in the SOTU:

“…He tried to blame the GOP – and excuse himself – for the impending sequester cuts of roughly $90 billion from Pentagon and domestic spending..” The Daily Caller

“You know, he says, ‘You can’t cut your way to prosperity.’This speech is about spending your way to prosperity.” Charles Krauthammer

“Then … with regard to entitlements that are driving our fiscal problem, [Obama] said, ‘We shouldn’t make promises we cannot keep, but we must keep the promises we have already made,’” ….“That is the end of any illusion the Republicans could have had about a grand bargain reforming entitlement programs as they now exist. … It is clear the president says there’s not going to be any spending cuts.” George Will

“President Barack Obama had a simple message for Republicans in Congress: Do it my way.” Townhall

“It is terribly appropriate that President Obama gave his halting and graceless State of the Union address on Mardi Gras: He spent the evening shouting “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” at every liberal constituency in sight, promising new spending for public-sector unions (“Fix-It-First”), demanding (yet again) that banks renegotiate mortgages on politically driven terms, offering handouts to Al Gore–style enviropreneurs (reviving cap-and-trade, offering yet more subsidies to politically connected energy firms), and promising a $9-an-hour minimum wage.” – National Review

“The big question of President Obama’s second term is whether he wants to forge bipartisan compromises in the next two years, or whether he wants to spend these years campaigning against Republicans to regain Democratic control of the House in 2014 and then finish his Presidency with another liberal crescendo. Judging by his inaugural address and Tuesday night’s State of the Union, we’re guessing he’s going for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” – The Wall Street Journal

“BOORING! – State of the Union delivers laundry list for the left.” – Washington Free Beacon

“Did I miss something? Or was the State of the Union Address delivered by President Obama last night unusually pedestrian, packed to the gills with clichés, promises, gimmicks, and endless talk of partnerships, goals, challenges, and commissions for which Washington is famous?” Fred Barnes @ The Weekly Standard

America needs a sequester. That’s what we take from the State of the Union. Though President Obama ranged far and wide last night – touching on everything from immigration and troop levels in Afghanistan to an increase in the minimum wage – what shines through is his determination to spend and tax without any serious restraint!” The New York Post

“Nothing big or bold about Obama’s address.” National Journal

I think the Onion sums it up perfectly…

#SOTU fact check: the American people do not actually deserve better – @OnionPolitics

"Hey America...you voted for more bullsh*t..well, you got it!"

“Hey America…you voted for more bullsh*t..well, you got it!”


What Lies Ahead






With the dereliction of duty absorbing mainstream media these days, it’s important to get the message out there when they absolutely refuse to do their job. I take pride in that task.

We all know how enamored the press is of Obama and how their turning a blind eye to the reality of this dangerous man in the White House is detrimental to the country. The American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord offers an unnerving take on the second term of the most divisive, un-American President the nation has entrusted…


“An Orwellian inaugural address and a backwards march to another failed utopia.

Backwards, march!

Yesterday’s declaration by President Obama, signaling with his inaugural address that he intends to turn America around and march it backwards to the glory days of failed leftism — making of America one gigantic society of beggars — raises the central and obvious point.

It’s the damage, stupid.

So how much damage can the American left do over the next four years?

Really. Seriously.

How much damage can the far-left-wing do with a re-elected Obama presidency?

A lot. When one hears the President of the United States use his inaugural address to favorably cite the most infamous phrase associated with the disastrous Neville Chamberlain — that would be “peace in our time” — there can only be trouble ahead.

The mechanics for this march backwards to failure are already in place.

First and foremost is the Orwellian use of his language. Tyranny is freedom. Collectivism is liberty. “Together” is shorthand for government control.

Second is the renewal of campaign warfare — with a new target.

Remember Kill Romney? You remember this, right? The moment back there in the 2012 campaign when it was said by an Obama strategist that the president’s team, politically speaking, intended “to kill Romney.”

And so they did. Mitt Romney was magically transformed from the reality of solid American citizen and accomplished businessman to murderer and thief. In the political nano-second of a presidential campaign cycle mere months long.

Move over Mitt.

There is a bigger target in left-wing sights now. A much bigger target: The Constitution of the United States.



Yet again, the people whose ancestors so hated the Constitution they have repeatedly tried to eliminate or severely restrict the guarantees of liberty it provides, believe their moment has arrived.

These are the political descendants of those who tried to write slavery into the Constitution — the Dred Scott decision, written by the liberal Andrew Jackson appointee, the slave-owning Chief Justice Roger Taney. In which a liberal court declared blacks were not human beings and thus their right to anything other than literal chains simply did not — and never would — exist. Then there was the brainchild of segregation, ruthlessly enforced for decades by a long succession of liberal Democrats at the federal, state, and local level, in which blacks were denied their liberty to vote, eat in restaurants, sit in the front of a bus or even marry outside of their race. Lynching? Democrats made a specialty of this one, refusing repeatedly to outlaw the denial of a basic right to life to black Americans, instead empowering the Ku Klux Klan — the Klan in turn a pillar of support for a big government.

The modern versions of all this? The modern restrictors of liberty and freedom who in the past were slave owners, segregationists, lynchers, and Klansmen — all key components of the Democrats and the progressive movement?

How and who specifically will manage this backwards march?

How specifically will the Constitution be assaulted? And what are the envisioned results?

This time the targets will be the First and Second Amendments… free speech, religious liberty, and the right to bear arms.

And the allies arrayed to strip these?

Can you say the National Education Association? The Sierra Club? Greenpeace? The Communications Workers of America? The NAACP?

Can you say the Obama campaign team turned into the post-election Organizing for America?

Can you say MSNBC? Tom Brokaw, Chris Matthews? How about CBS and Bob Schieffer…and CBS political director John Dickerson? More on the latter in a moment…






Let’s start with the president’s liberal allies.

Over at the Washington Free Beacon Matthew Continetti has put the spotlight on a significant story.

Continetti zeroes in on a little noticed report in the far-left Mother Jones magazine by writer Andy Kroll. What was Kroll’s headline:


Revealed: The Massive New Liberal Plan to Remake American Politics

Have you ever heard of the “Democracy Initiative”? Continetti brings us up to date about the results from two progressive “retreats” held in June and December of last year.


the AFL-CIO, the Center for American Progress, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Color of Change, Common Cause, Demos, the Friends of the Earth, the League of Conservation Voters, Mother Jones (in a “non-editorial” capacity!), National People’s Action, the National Wildlife Federation, People for the American Way, the Piper Fund, Public Campaign, the Service Employees International Union, the United Auto Workers, and Voto Latino…

And these progressives, who, according to the Center for American Freedom have a collective revenue base of $1.69 billion at their disposal, are about what?

A full-fledged assault on the Constitution of the United States.

Oh, they don’t phrase it that way. They aren’t stupid. They will couch their point the way White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer did when making it to the Washington Post (as noted here by the Weekly Standard ). Said Pfeiffer:

“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important. What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”

And what “political system” is so not “worthy” in the view of this senior Obma aide? Why, the American political system based on the Constitution, of course.

Make no mistake: peeling away liberty is what these progressives are all about.

According to Kroll, the first targets will be to “get big money out of politics.” Hey, no irony there. These groups with $1.69 billion at their disposal want to restrict — that is take away…the First Amendment rights of Chevron (for donating to House Republicans), Google (“for its continued membership with the generally pro-Republican U.S. Chamber of Commerce”) and ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council — for daring to promote conservative legislation in states around the country. To do-in ALEC’s First Amendment rights the Democracy Initiative will use its resources to intimidate the group’s donors into silence — forcing them to give up their First Amendment rights and withdraw their support.

All this on the heels of two important First Amendment battles already held: the decision to force the Catholic Church through Obamacare to relinquish its First Amendment right to not fund abortions and contraceptives. And the concerted attack by the Obama White House and its allies on conservative media and its personalities from Fox News to Rush Limbaugh, in the case of the latter —along with Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Pat Buchanan — openly seeking to remove them from the radio or television airwaves.

But that’s only the First Amendment.

Moving on to the Second Amendment the decision is to take away the right to bear arms. The GOP’s Senator Marco Rubio (FL) has said to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly:

“I think that the President — and he doesn’t have the guts to admit it — is not a believer in the Second Amendment, although he states that he is. I didn’t write the Constitution. Neither did you — neither did he. If he doesn’t want it in the Constitution or he wants to reform the Second Amendment, then have the guts to admit that.”

So while the President won’t have, in Rubio’s words, “the guts” to openly state his real goal — there are all those Democrats in Red States to worry about in 2014 — his allies will go about Romneyizing supporters of the Second Amendment.

How will it be done? It will be done in the same fashion the Kill Romney campaign turned Romney from a considerable man of achievement into a murderer and a thief.

Take a look at this TV commercial made by Congressman John Barrow, in which Barrow proclaims his steadfast support for the Second Amendment.

Now take a look at the very same commercial — except this time it has been re-cut and selectively edited by the anti-Constitution group “Stop the Gun Violence” to cast the Congressman as a recipient of “blood money” from the NRA.

The irony? Congressman Barrow, from Georgia — is a Democrat.

No matter. When it comes to the Kill the Constitution campaign, either you get in line — or you get run over.

Which is where the mainstream media comes in. Take a look at this from Breitbart about this outburst from one John Dickerson, the political director for CBS. Dickerson, who used to work at Time with Obama spokesman Jay Carney, took to the cyberpages of the left wing Slate in an article titled — really:



Go for the Throat!

Why if he wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican Party.

Ranted Dickerson:

The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.…

Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition’s most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray.

Nice, yes? This is shorthand that tells you the campaign to destroy the Constitution will have important allies in the liberal media.

One could go and on here with the list of the liberal assaults on the Constitution and the Orwellian fashion in which they are presented. Voter corruption becomes “Voter ID.” Attacks on the free market and capitalism are all about a mythical “fair share” — in which the real game is to protect liberal elites while punishing the hated middle class. The most destructive game in all this, of course, is the blockheaded belief that massive government spending to endless degree will bring a halt to the growth of the national debt.

But why? Why all this?

What is it that drives this determination to reverse 200-plus years of American progress and march the nation backwards ?

Why wreck the Constitution with this vast confection of Orwellian language and straw men, both of which Obama indulges in on a regular basis?

Our friend Mark Levin has captured the core reason: the eternal leftist drive for utopia. As Obama phrased it yesterday, the drive “to complete our journey”.

Or, as Levin phrased it in the title of his last book, AmeritopiaThe Unmaking of America This is the reason for all this. To quote Levin:

Tyranny, broadly defined, is the use of power to dehumanize the individual and delegitimize his nature. Political utopianism is tyranny disguised as a desirable, workable, and even paradisiacal governing ideology. There are, of course, unlimited utopian constructs, for the mind is capable of infinite fantasies. But there are common themes. The fantasies take the form of grand social plans or experiments, the impracticability and impossibility of which, in small ways and large, lead to the individual’s subjugation.

What we are living through, what the Obama inaugural and the campaign that preceded it was all about, is creating utopia in America.

That is the goal of Barack Obama. That is the goal of his campaign-operatives-turned-agenda-operatives calling themselves “Organizing for Action.” That is the goal of the humorously named “Democracy Initiative” and it’s $1.69 billion pool of special interest money.

And they cannot accomplish this utopia — surprise, surprise — by using the Constitution of the United States. The rights of others — i.e., you — stand in their way. They must be either restricted if not abolished outright.

There is no Orwellian language too far-fetched, no straw man big enough that cannot and will not be pressed into the service of wrecking the Constitution.

CBS’s John Dickerson put it well.

When it comes to the survival of the Constitution of the United States, the American Left is going to “go for the throat.”

If you think the campaign to “Kill Romney” was a political dogfight — you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The best advice for Republicans?

Wake up.”





All you have to do these days is pay only a slight bit of attention to what’s going on and you should get a sense of how BAD things are…And how much worse it’s going to get!

"We don't have a spending problem..."

“We don’t have a spending problem…”

President Obama’s remarks allegedly directed at Rep. Boehner during the fiscal cliff mess….

"Let the Jews pay for it.."

“Let the Jews pay for it..”

Sec. of Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, purportedly expressing disdain for the USO’s expense in Haifa, Israel…

“The thing is, [the rich] think nothing about killing us,”... “They think nothing about putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing about lethal working conditions.”

“The thing is, [the rich] think nothing about killing us,”… “They think nothing about putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing about lethal working conditions.”

Frightening (and I’m not referring to her appearance!) Chicago teachers union head, Karen Lewis, on the “rich” being the root of all evil…

“It’s easy to make sententious remarks to the effect that we shouldn’t look for gimmicks, we should sit down like serious people and deal with our problems realistically. That may sound reasonable — if you’ve been living in a cave for the past four years. Given the realities of our political situation, and in particular the mixture of ruthlessness and craziness that now characterizes House Republicans, it’s just ridiculous — far more ridiculous than the notion of the coin.."

“It’s easy to make sententious remarks to the effect that we shouldn’t look for gimmicks, we should sit down like serious people and deal with our problems realistically. That may sound reasonable — if you’ve been living in a cave for the past four years. Given the realities of our political situation, and in particular the mixture of ruthlessness and craziness that now characterizes House Republicans, it’s just ridiculous — far more ridiculous than the notion of the coin..”

Elitist economist Paul Krugman giving serious consideration to the minting of a trillion dollar coin which would allow the government to simply bypass the debt ceiling…

So, you see…it’s the fault of those calling for sensible solutions and common sense…The sort of mentality as exemplified by THESE statements will bring down, if it hasn’t already, the country we have known for over 200 years. THIS sort of thinking will destroy us! And if you don’t think these “leaders” and more like them will not do it, think again!

Appealing to the Dumb (M)asses!

Well, have you recovered from your Thanksgiving holiday?…I suppose, in many ways, things are just getting started! I’m not sure what to make of spending for the upcoming season. Of course, that goes with just about ANYTHING the media reports on. CNN says traffic was up, but sales were down. TechCrunch says online sales surged. So..you figure it out…

“I’m coming after MORE of your money…and you ASKED for it!”

One thing’s you could probably bet on as a certainty…your taxes are going up. President Obama will likely move for some sort of major tax increase. It’s what he does..its’ who he is. The President is an enemy of commerce and producing in this country. Period.

I found this reader’s take on what’s ahead in the Duluth (MN) News Tribune:


I will predict the president’s strategy for fiscal policy. He vilifies anyone who worked hard, came up with a good idea, risked their money, or made good decisions and had their efforts rewarded. He campaigned on the promise to get more of their money. He seems unsatisfied with getting 3 percent to 4 percent more.

Everyone agrees the tax system needs reform. President Obama will pressure Republicans into raising rates on the top

2 percent of income-tax filers (who currently pay 60 percent of all federal income taxes, according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources). Once he has gotten the increase in tax rates, Obama will push closing tax loopholes for this select few, further increasing their taxes.

Obama seems to believe the successful 2 percent must take personal responsibility for all Americans.

Is it surprising that according to exit polls, 60 percent of voters support raising taxes on the top 2 percent? No. If you ask, “Would you rather raise your taxes or the other guys’ taxes?” you’d expect a high percentage voting for the other guy. Obama should be concerned his scheme didn’t get the support of 98 percent.

Obama, like President Clinton and Warren Buffet, has said he could pay more in federal taxes. Yet last year he took all the deductions his returns. Romney, meanwhile, paid more taxes by not taking the deductions to which he was entitled, according to news reports. (It’s funny Obama didn’t mention Romney as a good example of what he was talking about!)

Obama seems to love to say: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” I look forward to Obama taking the standard deduction on his 2012 return. Paying more taxes and demonstrating he means it.

Doug Haertzen

Warba, Minn.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Haertzen. Mr. Obama subscribes to the notion that the only way to solve the nation’s fiscal woes is to take more from those that have and give it to those that don’t. That’s it, in a nutshell. There is no argument to be made that disputes that. There just isn’t. Have you ever asked yourself why the government’s answer is to seize more from YOU? Why is limiting the scope and growth of the government NEVER a consideration? WHY IS THAT? The answer today is simple. President Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in making more and more of your fellow Americans dependent upon the federal government for their livelihood…and in some cases, their survival. That doesn’t explain why the federal government does not place its focus and energy on a more productive society instead.

Under the ‘WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING?’ banner, we now have Republicans caving on their commitment to no new taxes. And I’m sad to say MY senator, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), is apparently leading the way.

“I am basically…a coward…”

It just goes to show you even the most stalwart defenders of common sense in government can weaken. Whatever is politically expedient rules the day. I had more faith in Sen. Chambliss, but I suppose that was a foolish notion.

“I’m hoping to remind the cowards as to what they ALREADY agreed to!”

In the meantime, at least some have retained some balls…Alabama’s Jeff Sessions (R) has indicated that Congress should stick with the budget limitations agreed to in LAST year’s agreement. We shall see how THAT plays out..

Lets’s face it folks. You know it and I know it. The President…Congress…they (MOST of them, anyway) have no intention whatsoever about tackling the problems we face. They lack the guts and fortitude to face facts. They’re basically cowards. Their position in government is secure as long as they can convince the dumb asses in this country that they care and they have the answers. When, the fact is, THEY are the problem!

I am convinced more than ever before that the only thing that will wake the American people up to reality is national catastrophe of massive proportions. God forbid…It’s going to take something on huge scale…whether it’s economical, military in nature, or a natural disaster. The latter may not have as far reaching proportions and the previous two, but it could turn out to be an indicator of where we’re headed. Hurricane Sandy is the latest example. We simply cannot go on as we have in the past. There were those that saw no real difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as the election approached. They may have been right. But…we’ve now handed the keys to our car over to a dangerous, intoxicated driver who is intent on going faster and faster. He’s taking us in the wrong direction and the destination is NOT going to be pretty! Enjoy the ride! It could very well be your last!