Lack of character, lack of conviction, lack of courage…

Barack Obama is NOT my President. There…I said it. Of course, to readers of this blog, it comes as no surprise and the title of this piece describes Mr. Obama, PERFECTLY!

I’ve said all along, the Presidential campaign would eventually get pretty nasty. This week, you’ve seen the nasty side of Mr. Obama. His vindictiveness and callous disregard for the truth have never been more prevalent in his campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney and his relationship with Bain Capital. President Obama has decided to shift into attack mode..attack mode enhanced with just how ugly a candidate for this office can be.

Personally, I don’t care about Gov. Romney and Bain. It’s ancient history. It is not the least bit reflective of what a Romney presidency would be like. But we are LIVING an Obama presidency! We are LIVING with record unemployment, a seemingly unending economic malaise, and ever growing numbers on some sort of regular government assistance! Meanwhile, Barack Obama is out there touting NOT what he can provide for this nation’s  growth and prosperity, but what a threat to the government handouts Mr. Romney would be. You have a federal government ADVERTISING on commercial radio about how to sign up for government programs!

THIS is America under Barack Obama. This is the America he and the Democrat party wish to continue, to enforce, and to advance! Mr. Obama lacks a SINGLE accomplishment he can put before the voters this fall and proudly lay claim to it. You can FORGET healthcare. We all know the costly, complex ramifications of that disaster in the making! Instead he fills his campaign speeches with scare tactics and unfounded, baseless criticism. The fellow members of his party are no different in their lack of that mentioned in the title of this piece. They stand before the microphones and cameras with the premise that any resistance to THIS President and his policies is an intentional assault of the federal government. The opposition wants failure!..Well, in a way..YES!..If it means derailing the continuation of Mr. Obama’s costly, failed programs, then HELL YES!…I’ll stand by that resistance!

Barack Obama knows, as mentioned in previous postings, there’s no shock value any longer to the statistics we see everyday. There’s no full understanding of how devastating they really are. He knows all he has to do is pander to the ignorant and the misinformed and he can score votes in November. The thing is, he is applying this tactic to so many disparate groups, I doubt he can keep track of what is said from venue to venue! One article described his approach as not appealing to the country as a whole, because he knows he can’t do that. He has nothing to offer which has broad appeal and acceptance. So he tells this group this…and that group that…in hopes he can patch together enough votes for a win. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is pitching to America as a nation..a nation not divided. Unfortunately for him, we are divided. We are divided the way Barack Obama and the Democrats want us to be. Pitted against one another by “class” and “economic status”.

Mr. Obama is a failure…a miserable, sad failure. He knows this…and millions of Americans know this. Many may claim Gov. Romney and Republicans can offer no change. One thing I DO know, without a doubt: Barack Obama despises this nation. He despises its values and its aspirations. He views many as a threat to his socialist, utopian ideals. He fails to realize, that’s what they are: ideals…noble, perhaps…but poorly implemented ideals with no consideration of real world application or outcome. Say what you will about Gov. Romney, but NONE of that applies to him. NONE of it!

This President wishes to continue an expansion of government, dependency, and frustration unseen in American history. He does not view economic opportunity as the answer. He prefers to tell you that some other’s opportunity is why YOU don’t have a chance. Their success is the cause of your lack of it. He wants to continue that with a second term in office. Undoubtedly, the damage inflicted by that approach will be irreversible. It’s frightening enough to see what’s become of us already. Yet he continues bypassing laws he does not agree with…manipulating programs to achieve the detrimental affect he prefers. His imperial presidency is unlike any previous administration. He thoroughly capitalized upon the media enhanced discontent of the Bush years. Yet, he has failed to improve the lot of the nation as a whole. And makes no apologies for it!

I realize I tend to fall into that mindset that’s classically played out from generation to generation. I’m referring to the view that the younger generation will be our downfall. Actually, I don’t fault them a bit. My problem lies with what Mr. Obama and others like him have done to what they were given. My concerns are shared by millions, no doubt. They were given a relatively prosperous nation, steeped in tradition and shared economic values, and turned it into a struggling, desperate society. You see it every day. From cultural rot to crumbling infrastructure. Yet, rather than tackle the problems with sensible, practical solutions, their answer is just to add another layer of government bureaucracy combined with wasted tax dollars supplied by a shrinking work force. Whatever the problem, there’s a government program for that!

The answers are elusive. And I’m not sure we will ever find them. However, those “enlightened” by Mr. Obama’s misguided and dangerous approach to governing are a threat we have never seen to this extent in our history. A chance for a powerful message to be sent is coming in November. It’s with every fiber of my being that I hope there are enough of us out there to make our voices heard loud and clear. These people must be stopped. A decisive blow must be made in hindering their efforts. You may consider this foolish or conspiracy oriented. Fine. But what they are doing is REAL! What they want to do is REAL! It effects your life day after day. You may not see it, but it is there!

Think about your future…your family’s future. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want?…Is this what I want to continue?”….I think you already know the answer….




MY PROBLEM IS I’M TOO GOOD – Clarice Feldman @ American Thinker



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