Divided we stand, Divided (When) we fall: Boston and Aftermath





After a troubling week, to say the least, the nation breathes a sigh of relief with the death of one Boston bombing suspect and the capture of his brother. While watching it unfold and reading about reaction, it troubled me how deep the divide is in this nation, even when obvious enemies threaten us all. And there’s no need to point out which half of the political divide is always quick to throw out unfounded and callous assertions. The political left in the United States never misses an opportunity to berate conservatism and conservatives as long as it fits their agenda. And berating conservatives IS a major part of their agenda.

The Boston bombings were no different. It was a crisis to be exploited by any means possible. From speculation about who the perpetrators were to how budget cuts affected state and local government response. Never mind the threat. The potential political capital was too great. Never let a good crisis go to waste! Playing right along, the media trumpeted their efforts on NOT speculating while they did just that.

We live in a free (though some may argue diminished) and open society. Threats from groups and individuals are a risk we take. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can remain vigilant while preserving our freedoms. We can call out the enemy for who and what they are. Unfortunately, in our misguided efforts at political accommodation and correctness, many are not willing to pursue the latter.

Now what?…Well, we return to our daily lives as this chapter is closed. That is until the next time something like this happens. The New York Post offers an editorial today on why the war on terror is not over. Despite what we’re told by the Obama administration. That belief definitely deserves some consideration….


“America this morning owes a huge debt of gratitude to its law-enforcement agents. Just over 100 hours after the Boston Marathon bombings, one suspect is dead and a second was captured last night. The threat they posed, for now at least, appears to be over.

Whew. These have been scary days. Indeed, the sight yesterday of the whole city of Boston on lockdown, with streets deserted and silent, couldn’t have been more eerie.

It was also chilling to see how successful the suspects, Chechen Muslim immigrants, were — not just in allegedly killing people, but in instilling widespread fear, especially in the Northeast. The week served as a painful reminder that this nation remains in an ongoing fight against terror — and that the homeland is still vulnerable.

On Thursday, cops first identified the two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, as the key suspects and confronted them in a wild and bloody battle that left Tamerlan dead. With Dzhokhar still on the run through the day, officials ordered folks to stay inside. They said the pair had killed an MIT police officer, wounded a transit cop, carjacked a vehicle and sped off with its owner, hurled explosive devices and engaged cops in a shootout.

It will take time for their motives to be properly understood, but the pair appears to have left tantalizing clues: Both became devout Muslims and used social media to link to pro-jihadist videos. Tamerlan, a champion boxer, wrote that he would not fight on his native Chechnya’s team until it won its independence from Russia. He also wrote about his alienation, claiming, “I don’t have a single American friend.”

Classmates and associates painted a different portrait of the two — one of a total assimilation into US culture with no signs of religious or terrorist obsession.

All the possible motives, of course, need to be explored fully — and with no punches pulled for political correctness. More details may come in the days ahead. But whatever the bombers’ motives, this much is clear: The war on terror isn’t over. Alas, far from it.”




Monday Reading Assignments

As is usually the case, lots of good stuff today! Plus, as usually the case, the lame stream media will again ignore the stories, as they continue their dereliction of duty!

From ‘The Economic Collapse’:



Like we need a chart to prove that! Nevertheless, good stuff from the guys who are NOT afraid to tell you the truth!


Hot Air on the increasingly clueless and out of touch Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)


At least he got the “angry old man” part right! What the Senator fails to realize, he IS the GOP leadership!



Townhall’s Carol Platt Liebau on the continued excesses of the Obama White House…


Further proof that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is delusional….




The New York Post blows the lid off the TSA at Newark (EWR)…yet another example of what a joke our airport security is….




And finally…..

Robert Bianco @ USA Today on your Monday tv viewing!….

What’s worth watching, and what might not be,  in prime time on Monday

The Bachelor, ABC 8pm ET/PT


“Tonight, if tradition holds, the Bachelor is going to make some young woman very happy — namely, the one he doesn’t pick who gets to be the nextBachelorette. Because clearly, considering the series’ romantic track record, the only reason any sensible person would take part in this nonsensical trash is for the opportunity to take part in it again as the star.

The Following, Fox 9pm ET/PT


Back in the ’60s there was a TV series called The F.B.I. that some felt was an egregiously shameless bureau recruiting tool masquerading as a show. Well, if TV amends needed to be made, The Following is bending over backwards to do so, because this makes FBI agents, who just let America’s worst serial killer escape from custody, look like the most bumbling, incompetent people on earth. We understand the bad guy has to elude his pursuers in shows like this, or else there’s no show. But this still-promising, often-frightening series has to find a way to keep its story running that does not constantly seem to depend on the heroes being 10 steps behind — because that’s already wearing thin.

Dallas. TNT 9pm ET/PT


TNT’s reboot marks that passing of J.R. Ewing — and Larry Hagman — with a funeral that will be attended by characters from both the new and the old shows. To say Hagman will be much missed by fans is to state the obvious, but his loss will also be keenly felt by TNT. It’s hard enough to watch this second-rate remake with him; watching it without him seems impossible.”

The Harsh Reality!


Kicking the can


Is there anything more depressing than the return to work, school, what have you…after the holidays?…This year, why YES there is!…

And it has to do with your esteemed leaders in government! The idiots that exercise control over nearly aspect of your life…the morons you trust to act responsibly…the fools we allow to spend our tax dollars…

Well, seems the circus that was…is..the fiscal cliff has come to a conclusion …for now….BUT!…read on if you think it’s all settled….that we’ve dodged the bullet again….

From the A.P…of all places!


“While the tax package that Congress passed New Year’s Day will protect 99 percent of Americans from an income tax increase, most of them will still end up paying more federal taxes in 2013.

That’s because the legislation did nothing to prevent a temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax from expiring. In 2012, that 2-percentage-point cut in the payroll tax was worth about $1,000 to a worker making $50,000 a year.

The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington research group, estimates that 77 percent of American households will face higher federal taxes in 2013 under the agreement negotiated between President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans. High-income families will feel the biggest tax increases, but many middle- and low-income families will pay higher taxes too.

Households making between $40,000 and $50,000 will face an average tax increase of $579 in 2013, according to the Tax Policy Center’s analysis. Households making between $50,000 and $75,000 will face an average tax increase of $822.

“For most people, it’s just the payroll tax,” said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center.

The tax increases could be a lot higher. A huge package of tax cuts first enacted under President George W. Bush was scheduled to expire Tuesday as part of the “fiscal cliff.” The Bush-era tax cuts lowered taxes for families at every income level, reduced investment taxes and the estate tax, and enhanced a number of tax credits, including a $1,000-per-child credit.

The package passed Tuesday by the Senate and House extends most the Bush-era tax cuts for individuals making less than $400,000 and married couples making less than $450,000.

Obama said the deal “protects 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small business owners from a middle-class tax hike. While neither Democrats nor Republicans got everything they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to do for our country.”

The income threshold covers more than 99 percent of all households, exceeding Obama’s claim, according to the Tax Policy Center. However, the increase in payroll taxes will hit nearly every wage earner.

Social Security is financed by a 12.4 percent tax on wages up to $113,700, with employers paying half and workers paying the other half. Obama and Congress reduced the share paid by workers from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent for 2011 and 2012, saving a typical family about $1,000 a year.

Obama pushed hard to enact the payroll tax cut for 2011 and to extend it through 2012. But it was never fully embraced by either party, and this time around, there was general agreement to let it expire.

The new tax package would increase the income tax rate from 35 percent to 39.6 percent on income above $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for married couples. Investment taxes would increase for people who fall in the new top tax bracket.

High-income families will also pay higher taxes this year as part of Obama’s 2010 health care law. As part of that law, a new 3.8 percent tax is being imposed on investment income for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and couples making more than $250,000.

Together, the new tax package and Obama’s health care law will produce significant tax increases for many high-income families.

For 2013, households making between $500,000 and $1 million would get an average tax increase of $14,812, according to the Tax Policy Center analysis. Households making more than $1 million would get an average tax increase of $170,341.

“If you’re rich, you’re almost certain to get a big tax increase,” Williams said.”

“Our long national nightmare is over – for two months.”
complete rout for Democrats”…”complete surrender” for Republicans’
“…Obama – whose only contribution to the negotiations was creating ill will on both sides – made it clear he hasn’t finished hiking taxes: ..”

Newtown: The Aftermath..








As expected, pundits, prophets, and prognosticators are all in the media mix following last week’s tragic events. Of course, they ALL think they have the answer…the solution. I’ve taken away from the tragedy that there really is no answer, no explanation. Some matters are inexplicable. That may be very simplistic. But is there any KNOWN fact that would have you say to yourself, “oh..ok…NOW I understand…”?

Townhall’s Carol Platt Liebau offers her input from the perspective of a parent…much like the parents who dropped their children off at Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday…



“This morning, when I took my children to school, there was a guard at the gate for the first time.  Obviously, the school intended it as a thoughtful gesture for anxious mothers.

But that’s the point.  Most of the “solutions” being touted offer only a false sense of security.  To that point, Ron Fournier had a compelling piece in today’s National Journal, titled “What If Nothing or Nobody is to Blame for Adam Lanza?”  Fournier writes:

What if there is nothing or nobody to blame? Would that make this inexplicable horror unbearable?

What if we didn’t rush to judgement? What if we didn’t waste our thoughts, prayers and actions on assigning blame for the sake of mere recrimination? What if we calmly and ruthlessly learned whatever lessons we can from the massacre — and prevented the next one?

What if it wasn’t one thing, but everything, that set off Lanza?

Indeed.  What if, like most things in life, Lanza was the product of genetics andenvironment? In his remarks last night, the President had this to say:

If there is even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent, or another town, from the grief that has visited Tucson, and Aurora, and Oak Creek, and Newtown, and communities from Columbine to Blacksburg before that — then surely we have an obligation to try.

But what if there isn’t “one step”?  What if it required banning guns, AND violent movies, AND violent video games — and even then, you knew that killers would just turn instead to homemade bombs, and cars, and knives?

It’s easy to hold out the simplistic, false hope that there is “one step” that can stop heartrending tragedies like this.  But in the long run, is it really doing anyone a service to pretend that there is a “one step” answer that will work, when evidence indicates — over and over — that it isn’t one factor but many that result in this kind of evil and the resulting suffering? ”



In the meantime, our world continues,  much as it did before the tragedy….


CONSERVATIVE POPULISM – Victor Davis Hanson @ National Review



Imperial Arrogance and Permanent Damage

No doubt sound bites and clips of President Obama’s “news conference” yesterday are plentiful. His disdain and snotty attitude was never more apparent! The Imperial Presidency is under way! Barack Obama’s second term is likely to be long stretches of talk, speeches…and lies…peppered with outbursts of progressive initiatives. In the end, nothing will improve while he offers more blame and more excuses.

Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard offers some insight:


“President Obama the self-proclaimed compromiser sounds the same as Obama the partisan politician running for reelection. At his press conference Wednesday, he harped on what had been a chief talking point of his campaign—raising taxes for the wealthy.

He not only brought it up in his opening statement, it was the thrust of those remarks. He touted the tax hike on the top 2 percent of taxpayers in response to questions about that subject specifically and to a question about the “fiscal cliff.” And he used arguments for the tax increase lifted directly from his campaign speeches.

The voters, he said, endorsed the idea, in effect giving him a mandate. The majority of voters agreed with me, Obama told reporters. “By the way, more voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me.”

According to the exit poll, that’s not true. It found that 47 percent of voters prefer to raise taxes only on the wealthy. Obama got 51 percent of the total national vote.

It was Obama’s first press conference in 8 months and his first lengthy discussion of issues facing the country since his reelection last week. While all but demanding that congressional Republicans accede to the tax hike, he said repeatedly that he is eager to compromise with them.

“If we’re going to be serious about the reducing the deficit,” Obama said, it’s important to raise taxes on the rich. In their case, he wants to increase the rate on individual income from 35 percent to 39.6 percent, curb their deductions, and also raise the tax rates on capital gains, dividends, and inheritances. This would be achieved by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire at the end of 2012 for the affluent.

He said this is “the foundation for a deal” during the lame duck session of Congress after Thanksgiving.  The deal would retain the Bush tax cuts, Obama said, for 98 percent of taxpayers and 97 percent of small businesses. Such a deal would help the economy, protect the middle class, create jobs, and give “businesses confidence that they’re going to have consumers during the holiday season.”

The president didn’t advocate any other proposals to curb a 2013 deficit expected to exceed $1 trillion for the fifth straight year. He said he’d take a “serious look” at entitlement spending and is “willing to look at” discretionary spending as well. But again, no specifics. His emphasis was solely on raising taxes.

Obama was asked why he extended the Bush tax cuts in 2010 for all taxpayers but would deny them now to taxpayers making more than $250,000 a year. “The economy was in a different situation” then, he said. “We were still very much in the early parts of recovering from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

But rather than gain strength since then, the economy has grown more slowly than it had in 2010. Obama didn’t address that, nor did he deal with the role the wealthy play as investors and job creators. By increasing their taxes, he insisted, “We are actually removing half of the fiscal cliff, half of the danger to our economy.”

On that point, the president’s math is in serious dispute. Barron’s, the financial newspaper, describes the fiscal cliff as “a unique convergence of tax increases that legislators could still reverse of mitigate. Items on that list, totaling nearly $475 billion in 2013, are key drivers of the tax shock. By raising the rates for those earning $250,000 or more, tax revenues would increase by $66 billion.”


OBAMA’S SMUG AMERICA – American Spectator



‘GO AFTER ME’ – The New York Post


Flashback!..Just in case you’ve forgotten the past 4 years!….

As you go to the polls today, how about a return to some of the images of the past four years?….Under NO circumstances does this DISASTER  of a President deserve ANYONE’S vote! I have my doubts, but you can’t deny what an Obama presidency is like…

Pelosi, Obama, and Reid revel in their arrogance…

What a joke!

Self explanatory

The ugly face of Occupy Wall Street..essentially endorsed by this President..though they didn’t return the favor…

Obama tells Louisiana governor Jindal those affected by the Gulf oil spill “can get a check”…

Obama tells Russian president Medvedev he will have more latitude in a second term regarding weapons reform…

Obama willing to wipe the slate clean for illegals in this country…

THIS man is a ‘jobs creator’?????

The ineptitude of the Obama administration was NEVER more apparent than the fiasco in Libya…

Obama pretty much disses Israel…

The nightmare that is Obamacare!

Obama tastelessly supports a mosque near Ground Zero…

Obama refuses the Keystone pipeline….

Self explanatory…

Obama insults every business owner in the country….

If you want more of this garbage for the next four years, cast your vote for Barack Obama! It’s just that simple…

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