What the hell happened?…

Sad, isn’t it. That’s the first thought I have from time to time, when perusing the news. The End of the American Dream blog has an excellent piece today entitled: 25 Signs That America is a Seething Cesspool of Filth and Corruption. You might think that’s a bit harsh. Then again it’s pretty much on target. Just look around you.

What was once a beacon of opportunity and success to the world continues to spiral to new depths of despair. Mediocrity and excuses are celebrated rather than achievement. Entitlement for nothing more than mere existence takes precedent over diligence and effort. Personal expression is considered valid in itself regardless of any real value and contribution to society. Our exceedingly worthless pop culture continues down the road where excess, foolish behavior, and downright stupidity are held up as qualities to admire and strive for.

In addition to all of the above, we have a government in the United States that has a reach beyond what we could fathom just a few years ago. Those that make government their life’s work berate and belittle even the slightest suggestion of common sense when it comes to reigning in a rate of spending that can be likened to a locomotive careening down a hill with no way of stopping it. Should you dare to apply any sort of braking mechanism, well, you are chastised and ridiculed in a media which has shifted it’s efforts from monitor to cheerleader for a worthless and snide President and his party.

As our American society continues to devolve, more and more turn a blind eye to the very real possibilities that lie ahead. Fewer and fewer are actually working to support themselves, a family, and a lifestyle. Yet we have a notion out of Barack Obama’s Washington that it is better to punish those that do…publicly scold them…and reward those that do not. Because he, and so many others like him, know THIS is the justification for their OWN existence. As long as they can continue to pander to the millions that lack the ability to think and do for themselves, the threat to their power is diminished.

We all deal with struggles of varying degrees every day. Personal, business, social…It can be frustrating and discouraging. Unfortunately, resolution and moving on in life is becoming less of a possibility as our culture encourages the message that YOU are not responsible. It’s always someone or something else that’s the hindrance..the problem. Mr. Obama’s administration sets this example and this tone day after day after day. You see it in nearly each and every policy he has pursued since taking office. And now, he’s asking for four more years. It frightens me beyond explanation that there are those more than willing to give him that. I cannot even begin to understand that mindset. Sure, you can say, “look at the alternative”….Nevertheless, that is NO excuse. Gov. Romney certainly offers more of a chance to turn things around than Barack Obama. I believe he is deserving of that chance.

This nation made a choice four years ago. Sadly, that choice was based on more emotion than common sense. We rewarded a relatively unknown individual the title of arguably “the most powerful man in the world”. He has failed us. Failed us miserably. He selfishly took our good will..our hopes…and our future and eagerly and with relish, squandered them. And to this day, he revels in his position…his arrogance…and his power.

If we are to save this republic…its hopes..its future..Barack Obama must be defeated. Gov. Romney, beyond whatever faults he may have, can certainly understand the frustration of so many Americans and their collective concern for this nation. Should we, as voters, fail in our opportunity to redirect this society, what lies ahead will be as unforgiving to the likes we’ve never seen. Give it some serious thought. Are we not worth that effort?….

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